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It is no secret that IHI is my favorite stock. With perhaps some bias*, I believe IHI is one great story stock, one great SRI stock, one great robotic stock, one great construction stock, one great applied technology stock, one great penny stock etc. While an aggressive, high risk, high reward investment, I nonetheless strongly believe that this will become one stellar   company.  In this posting section, I have put together previous and current IHI postings.

IHI STOCK QUOTE and CHART and  AFUND IHI  EPS Projections (7/16/2001)



Download IHI's Latest Fact Sheet:

Attending several construction and applied technology analyst presentations in Toronto July 5 and 6, I was extremely pleased to see their great interest and likely future acceptance of IHI's revolutionary construction technology. To faciliate corporate communications, IHI is exploring quarterly WEB based broadcasts for ALL shareholders and analysts by 2002.

Quoting Roger Rached summary of the advantages of IHI technology:

·   " It eliminates the constraints that have limited the design flexibility of modular construction.

·    It offers cost and time savings that will appeal strongly to developers.

·    It offers superior design, technical and environmental standards that appeal equally to end users.

·    It lowers the cost of entry-level housing, making it affordable to more people.

·    It has the patents and other protection to defend our competitive edge.

·    It will start commercial production in December.  That in turn will allow us to start booking significant revenues on already contracted projects.

·    And finally, we have strong international management skilled in design, engineering, marketing and finance.

An investment in IHI now provides an excellent opportunity to participate in spectacular business growth. We intend to work hard to ensure that all of our shareholders receive an excellent return on their investment."
As WSNW readers know, I strongly agree that IHI is a tremendous stock market opportunity.
Three highlights of a speech I plan to deliver at the 2002 AGM meeting:
* Personally, I have bought IHI shares at their most expensive and least expensive. Throughout I have maintained the strongest faith in this company's future potential. Every time I learn more details, I marvel at the brilliant designing and engineering behind it.
  * Today, the twin themes of energy and environment are extremely important.  Whether it be virtually no waste in manufacturing, the absence of structural wood in IHI buildings, or its energy efficient design, no other building company can match IHI in meeting these important SRI investment goals.
* Thomas Edison said: genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Clearly Roger's persistence, combined with his family's engineering and financial  assistance qualify, and will in future be so recognized. While we all would like to see the share price higher, given the large position both Roger Rached and family holds, IHI could not have a more motivated CEO.  

July 11, IHI [CDNX: IHI; BB:IHITF], our favorite speculative stock  was featured on national Canadian Business TV.  It seems this company is finally beginning to be recognized.  When that happens, the sky is the limit.  Right now, its stars are increasingly favorable until the fall.  Furthermore, its technical charts referred to in the Canadian program, are becoming favorable. IHI is likely to start accepting orders this summer. At the AGM, Roger alluded to (without specific reference) that IHI MAY obtain a very large order that could fully occupy current production capacity.  Should this not be the case, then one month after ordering a specially designed concrete placing and finsihing automated production system from Germany, IHI factory orders will be accepted. For all the above reasons,  I strongly recommend you watch it on your trading screens. Sooner, if not later, we expect IHI to transform into our favorite speculative aggressive growth stock.

3 Final Critical Milestones Countdown
3. First (large) orders accepted Fall 2001.
2. Full production begins December 2001 (?).
1. Lower IHI production costs proven by Spring 2002.

International Hi-Tech Industries has taken far, far longer than my original (and often revised) forecasts.  Still,  I am more convinced than ever that my faith will be vindicated shortly.  If so, IHI will no longer be my favorite aggressive speculation, but instead become my favorite aggressive growth small cap.   

I believe any other high technology company in a similar state of pre-production would fully justify a far higher stock price. Whether you use Chinese Astrology, Vedic Astrology or Western Astrology, the results are the same:  IHI has the cosmic potential to become a "one decision stock" like Microsoft or Intel.  As I said in my brief talk at the AGM in 2000,  not only is IHI a company that will offer rich financial awards to stockholders and joint venture partners, but it is a SRI company that will do good in  the world.  Its technology can help save many lives and livelihoods, as well as being ecologically sound and improve the quality of life on earth. For these  reasons, almost all my personal friends, clients and close family are long term investors in this company.  Over the next 12 months, the public should see what psychics and seers from around the world have  "seen": sharing  my vision of International Hi-Tech Industries as world class,  paradigm shifting  construction technology powerhouse.

Coming Soon


IHI stock is ready to take off!
We believe most of IHI stock is in strong hands today and there are very  large [unreported] short positions.  When squeezed, perhaps by a move from the CDNX to the Toronto stock exchange, this could explosively  propel the stock if combined with solid fundamental company progress.  We then see US$ 1 becoming the floor.  IHI could easily appreciate 50%-100%  given currently favorable astrological aspects.  IHITF stock could move  up rapidly on positive news by the end of September by which time former IHI's shareholders may decide this  is finally the right time to re-enter this stock. If so, then much higher price targets of CD$ 2 could be seen sooner, rather than later. For quite some time after the Delta  factory is in commercial production, we foresee no significant stock correction, as we have experienced so many times in the past.

Q & A

READER: Hope you had a "rewarding and fruitful" visit to Vancouver. Looking forward to your update article. However, I must say it's a great disappointment to learn that IHI has now announced (in the IHI Fact Sheet) ANOTHER 6 MONTH delay to commercial production, just when a few months ago they said everything will be ready by July 2001!  I see the stock going to be depressed further....
HW: Not necessarily.  In fact, I believe the stock likely to double before the end of September. Please see our updated IHI postings for details.

READER: BIG Blue is going to be the nail in the coffin of this market… 85.85 here we come.
HW: That seems more than a bit pessimistic.  IHITF* may get to 85 before IBM! ;)

READER: The broking house I am using is very interested in the stock [IHI] so I'm having lunch with 2 senior brokers of the firm today...
HW: Hopefully they will join in with their clients. IHI* is a great Story stock, great SRI stock, great Robotic stock, great Construction stock, great Applied Technology Stock, great Penny stock, etc.  I hope to give a detailed posting on my web site next week. 

READER: We weren't able to attend stockholders meeting, but were wondering if you did a walk-through the plant, and, if so, your thoughts on how far away production appears to be.
HW: Full production November/December. Several model homes should be built earlier in the fall. All depends on one potential large order (not specifically referenced). Thereafter orders will be accepted. After attending five construction and applied technology analyst IHI presentations in Toronto last week, I am more confident that ever, that IHI will succeed and become the multi-billion dollar global powerhouse I foresaw from Day 1.

READER: I've invested about 5 per cent of my portfolio, but was considering taking out a larger position after checking out show home in Vancouver sometime this summer. (My fear has been the concept sounds great, but what if the place feels like a cardboard box, or a concrete prison, and no one wants to buy one What do you think?  Am I already exposed enough (at 5%), or are you confidant enough in the stock to advise taking a larger position?
HW: I initially shared your concern regarding IHI* housing until I visited their show home.  I personally found it quite beautiful, a view shared by almost all visitors. However, I cannot answer your question, which is the province of a money manager. Obviously I believe strongly in the company and its future.  I am also aware of the importance of money management. How much risk for how much reward is a decision I cannot answer for you. I can say that IHI is often at the upper end of allocation for speculative investments in portfolios I personally manage. Naturally everything depends on the objectives of the portfolio and its other components.

READER: In the next 12 months from now what is a realistic price target for IHI?
HW: It is hard to say.  I would love to see $30 so I could collect my Dom Perignon champagne, but it could be that $5 or $10 is more realistic. Watch its stock movement in June and September, when IHI* is under very favorable astrological influences.

READER: I'm watching IHI EVERY DAY, on every chat board, news board, etc.. Roger's RAHU dasha started in March this year - this 18 year period of "materialistic" Rahu will take him to the apex of his career bringing worldly achievements and success. Sidereal transit Rahu is in Gemini (Roger's 7th house) , and this position is in the financially favourable 11th position from his natal Rahu placement in 9th house Leo.
HW: We agree. In the case of an emerging growth microcap company like IHI, it makes cosmic sense to study the CEO’s chart, such as IHITF.

READER: I have full confidence as usual in IHI. Its been a 7 year long hold...still at my average of $2.00.… By the way I always appreciate your column on IHI. Do you still think we could see $25 per share earnings in 5 years or so?
HW: Actually, the numbers have changed slightly, given some share dilution.  I now believe that number is possible in 6 ½ to 7 years- still not bad.  You may wish to consider adding to your position and lower your average cost.  Perhaps, and hopefully, this will be your last opportunity to do so.

READER: I didn't see an indication in WSNW as to why IHI should be going up soon.
HW: I would ONLY repeat myself that IHITF WILL go up sooner, or later.
· Factory will be in FULL production this July. Currently successful in all pre-production tests.
· They will shortly begin to accept orders and this will be extremely large.
· IHI stock is in relatively strong hands and few large holders are likely to sell before the late Fall, if then.

READER: Will the global slowdown affect IHI or will it because of its cost efficiency etc not be affected?? I can’t believe its price. Do your astro charts show a run before May in IHI?
HW: My knowledge of the company shows substantial fundamental price progress.  As soon as it moves from the CDNX, its price is likely to shoot up.  Before May? Perhaps.  After May? Almost definitely.

READER: Please correct me if I am wrong. It seems investors have lost their patience re IHI a while ago and don't believe they will ever get to commercial production (I didn't say I thought that). This year from your estimated earnings it would appear they would earn about 1.00 so at some point the price starts to look stupid at current level. Do you think now with the current US market it is likely that the beginning of the IHI run may be nearer the July / August period?
HW: Actually the opposite seems to be true. A number of former investors are getting interested again in IHI, given how close it is to production.  They are currently undergoing final equipment testing. Should they begin FULL production this summer, our 2001 earning’s forecast which were .43 (not $1) could be close to on target, although perhaps on the high side.  Still your point is well taken.  Also, when IHI is at long last in production, perhaps after one of the next major earthquakes, it will be discovered.

READER: I've been in and out of IHI more than a couple of times over the past four years or so. It always scares me away, not to mention the craziness in the markets since last year at this time. As it would seem that IHI is poised for it's long awaited vault into production, possibly in March, may I ask you for a bit of encouragement to muster the faith to get my feet wet, yet again.
HW: Buying is a question of risk and reward. At these levels, the risk seems VERY mild compared to other stocks. The reward is potentially huge.  As to size of purchase, this depends both on your conviction and how much you like to gamble.  Usually we recommend buying in three lots. Now seems as good as any time to start with your new first buy.

READER: Explain the mentality to me re IHI - last year it went up markedly at this time without the sound news that it has now, now nothing seems to move it. Why???
HW:  Investors don’t believe. Unless one visits the factory and see actual progress, they assume it will be delayed and delayed.  Previously they were right. This time, they are wrong.

Next Summer on IHI Day August 15, 2002,  many shareholders from around the world are expected to attend and partake of the joyous celebration.  A trip to the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC is inexpensive with their "dollarette" currently 66 cents US.   The city is beautiful and the people are very friendly. Bring your friends and family along.

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