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It is no secret that IHI is one of my favorite long term investing themes.  While a very aggressive, high risk, high reward investment, I nonetheless strongly believe that this will be one stellar company.  In this posting section, I have put together a number of previous and current IHI postings.


IHI DAY 9/9/99

We are ready to attend IHI's general meeting in their new demonstration home in Vancouver on 9/9/99/  This magical date is also IHI's president's birthday:  Happy birthday Roger.
If you are a reader who are also visiting,  please say HI and introduce yourself by your email address as this is how I remember easiest!  For an invitation, email IHI Investor Relations.

We look forward to learning about equipment ordering [expected shortly] and factory production schedule for Vancouver and Florida.  We will be issuing a full report on our trip upon our return.

READER: So the good news comes re IHI and the price goes down-there are some very logical investors out there!
I was getting a bit concerned. You had mentioned earlier this year that IHI had gone from a high risk category to an aggressive growth category and wondered if you had lost a tiny bit of confidence in them of late re the company finishing this year going into commercial production and the share price ending up at higher than this.
HW: NO LOOK AT THE CANADIAN PRICE IT MOVED UP. There was not much selling today, mostly buying. You must look at how many people buy the offer or sell the bid during the day for an accurate picture. Today there was mostly buying on HEAVY VOLUME and that is good.  We are pleased!

READER: I'm curious  about) your Q&A section in your new IHI posts indicates production in Sept/Oct. Production will not occur until next year. According to the June 2 news release, "Assuming that the investors who have agreed to purchase treasury shares fulfil their commitments by the end
of June, the Factory will be open at the end of the year for the new millenium and will start receiving downpayments for projects in early November, 1999."
HW: THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME, THAT IHI IS DELAYED.  The point is progress albeit slowly!  Thank you for your input.

READER: I am an investor in IHI. I understand that the SEC in concert with NASDAQ is mplementing new measures to vet the companies listed on the NASDAQ's OTC BB. I also understand the deadline is 1 July 1999. Please let me know if IHI will be in compliance by that time. Finally, I understand that companies that are not in compliance will be delisted and put on the pink sheets. Any information you may have on this would be greatly appreciated.
HW:  This is a most welcome move by the SEC. On January 4, 1999, the SEC approved
amendments to NASD Rules 6530 and 6540 (Rules) to limit quotations on the OTCBB to the securities of companies that report their current financial information to the SEC, banking, or insurance regulators.1 The new Rules are intended to ensure that investors in OTCBB securities have access to reliable and current information about the issuers of these securities.

The Eligibility Rule provides that, in order for a security to continue being quoted on the OTCBB, the issuer must be required to make periodic filings with the SEC, or with banking or insurance regulators, and be current with those filings. Not to worry......IHI does make the appropriate filings with the above mentioned authorities and is current with those filings.

A similar rule for foreign equities became effective on April 1, 1998. This rule requires foreign securities not registered with the SEC under Section 12 of the Exchange Act to be delisted from the "NASD OTC BULLETIN BOARD." Since IHI's shares of common stock are registered pursuant to Section 12(b) of the Act and IHI is current with its filings under the Act, IHI is, therefore, in compliance and was so well in advance of the new rule.

READER: I, too, share your enthusiasm for IHITF, and, after studying the investment package have started an investment campaign. You speak of the stock possibly hitting $30. But, do you have a "timeline" for the stock hitting even $10?
HW: When the BC factory begins production-so later this year or next.READER:  Playing devil's advocate.... If the Company {IHI} has difficulties hiring "subs" to do work on their building, should we worry about the same management running a company as large as this should be once in full production?
HW: No, because that is the province of their co-venture partners, NOT IHI.
Also... Once this market corrects (or crashes), wont that affect the HOUSING & CONSTRUCTION market & therefore affect IHI growth?
HW: Perhaps, but more likely to IHI's benefit as they will provide the lowest possible cost wtih the highest quality housing.
Last...  Are you continuing to BUY at these levels (70 - 75 cents) or do you see it going lower??
HW:  I personally often buy when I have some spare cash.  Could it go lower?  Always possible, but increasingly unlikely with more and more factory progress.

READER:  Can you tell me what caused the huge volume spike in IHITF the otherday?
HW: My guess is we are getting closer to September 9 - IHI day.  Some traders may be trying to buy stock in advance believing this publicity could IHI stock up 50%-100% as did the BCHG Winter show.  Also, I believe there is also a new group of Vancouver Brokers taking a fresh look at IHI freshly. They maybe seeing what I do: that its stock SHOULD BE much higher as soon as investor believe IHI is ready for sales and production. That could happen as early as the announcement of equipment ordering, the first phase of which could be any day.

READER: Thanks for all the good information on IHI.
Once IHI gets the financing to pay for factory automation machinery, the machinery will have to be installed.  I am wondering if you can tell me what this "installation" involves.  To what degree have the details of the automation process been worked out already?  Has IHI tested this machinery in its use for this purpose, with this particular technology?    And, most importantly, how long is it projected to take?
HW: The installation of the Robotics and concrete batching equipment etc. involves connections and calibration adjustments. The company informs me the details of the automation process have been worked out and they have tested the machinery.
There are different lead times on the equipment once it is placed on order but the average is approximately 6 months.

READER:  Does this mean MARCH/APRIL 2000 for [IHI] production?  Is there a cash problem that all the equipment has NOT been ordered already?? I am curious to your thoughts.
HW:  To the best of my knowledge, there are no cash problems.  Equipment ordering is expected any day now.  The Batching part takes 6 months to receive and install, while the Robotic equipment takes 4 months.

READER: In your pick of the month, wouldn't September be a grand pick for IHI with all what is going on in their month?
HW:  Yes, but for me, IHI is a stock of the month pick every month as the R/R remains stellar.

We are making vacation plans to visit IHI HQ, show home and factory in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC this August. Western Canada is so cheap with their "dollarette" currently under 68 cents US.  The city is beautiful and the people are very friendly.
Mark IHI day: September 9, 1999 for their general shareholder meeting, Delta factory visit and party.
See you there?  For an invitation, email IHI Investor Relations.
My price projection for IHI then?  MUCH higher than today?  YES!!

PART I:   IHI 98


Disclaimer:  The Astrologers Fund Inc., its director, employees and its clients maintain large positions in this stock.  In addition, International Hi-Tech Industries is a major sponsor of our web site.  While we usually do not actively trade IHI stock as it is a long term hold for us, it is of obvious benefit to us when others buy IHI stock.  Always do your own research and check with your licensed financial advisor or broker before buying or selling on the recommendations of the Astrologers Fund, Inc.

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