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It is no secret that IHI is one of my favorite long term investing themes.  While a very aggressive, high risk, high reward investment, I nonetheless strongly believe that this will be one stellar company.  In this posting section, I have put together a number of previous and current IHI postings.



In recent announcements, International Hi-Tech Industries reported it is now a profitable company.
As we previously forecast, revenues would soon exceed expenditures and they have.  Furthermore with signed contracts for 3 more joint venture factories (now a total of 30), the selling price of each factory has increased 10%, thereby benefiting previous JV partners.

We look forward to the equipment ordering expected shortly and attending their general meeting in their new Vancouver demonstration home in Vancouver on 9/9/99, a magical date that is also IHI's president's birthday:  Happy birthday Roger!


Q: I had been considering investing in International Hi-Tech Industries (IHITF) shortly before reading "Buy, Sell, Hold" during Aries. Do you think this is a good idea? If so, how much should I invest and when?
A:  Given my strong belief in this company, my auto-answer is "Yes", and "Now."  However, as to how much, this should be done in the context of portfolio management and risk allocation and discussed with your financial advisor.

Q: It seems that 78 cents seems to be support now. More or less. How is the production line schedule coming along?   Do they still feel comfortable with June as full production time frame?
A;  Yes, 0.75-80 US does seem solid.  As to production, I think we need to add a few months time but there is at least other good news from Europe and elsewhere.   Best revised guess is late- August to September/October.

Q I read recently that you base much of your enthusiasm for IHI on its President's chart.  But what if his good chart leads him to leave IHI and go to greener pastures?  Is the individual's chart really a good indicator of the company's success?
A:  Depends on the company.  It is one factor to consider.  In IHI's case, Roger Rached has had many generous take over offers that he has refused in the past.

Q:  I would like to day trade IHITF. I notice that each day it reaches a low of  .75 to .80 per share. My goal here is to buy here and to sell when it reaches   .90 or above, making very small gains, and converting the gains into additional stocks. I can only do between 600-700 shares to start, and want to  begin Tuesday 4/27/99 making my first Day trade with a .76 to .78 Limit. Once the buy is done I will watch for the high and sell at that time. I will have  to wait for the stock to settle 3 days before I can make my next buy, and  begin the process again. Do you feel that the market will sustain my thinking  for the next month? Any comments would be appreciated, as well as pointing out the error of my thinking.
A: The OTCBB is not an auction market like the NYSE. You can NOT buy on the low and sell on the high.  In addition,  you have the cost of a round trip commission.  I do not believe what you propose is possible. However, if I am wrong, do let me know and I will join you! :)

READER:  I read with interest your readers question re day trading IHITF. I tried to- but until the share goes above $1.00 you can't place a buy and sell on the same day with a U. S broker unless you actually know the shares have sold-impossible for overseas people like my myself. However I have been doing quite well with 10% clear gains trading once a week-doesn't seem much but 40% a month isn't too bad. Actually the daily range of IHITF shows the somewhat futility of how misleading paper trading can be. I would like to get it up to twice a week but the OTC trading isn't the best.
HW: With IHI's May chart, $1 and above should be forthcoming.  Your returns are quite good indeed, if after commission expenses.

READER:  Is IHITF one of the stocks you are selling?  Seems to be going in the wrong direction.
HW:  No, one of the few I am buying buying buying!!!!

Q: I realize this is a broad question, and the answer could vary with the individual stock, but do you generally suggest selling penny stocks  like IHITF after a small profit is realized or hold for weeks or months  for possible further appreciation?
A:  It depends why you bought it in the first place, as a trade or a long term investment. In general, penny stocks are trading opportunities and are treated like "non-expiring options". You exit if a 50% loss and sell 1/2 or all with double your money profits.  There can be exceptions.  IHITF is for me an exception. It is for me, a LONG TERM investment (albeit, high risk).  It is done with speculative capital, i.e. money you can easily afford to lose with the hopes of a big gain.  On the other hand, some readers do trade IHITF and V.IHI successfully.  It depends on why you are buying the stock in the first place.

READER: Why do you think IHI is so low? It is a mystery.
HW: Primarily because of past broken promises and delays. Any new company in the same stage of development would be 6X the price. However, they continue to move forward albeit too slowly and therefore will eventually make it.
Another negative is, in the past, there were too many cheap private placements of stock. Again in defense of management, their only alternative was to give up control, something I would not have done either.
The final negative is the need to change to the Bermuda or super horoscope. That also will be done in time.

READER: On the price chart it looks like support for IHI comes in at .78 ish.
On the horoscope (White Horse original Inc.) Jupiter aligns with Mars in next few days. Jupiter unpredictable. You'd think he throws money in your lap every time  he comes around, but can knock you down as often as boost you up in a  corporate 'scope. Jupiter may bring a bottom area to this retracement, with a  little sideways motion after mid-late June. I see the real payoff in 2003-05.
HW: Thank you for your comments.

Reader:  The IHITF price at 0.69 is unbelievable - the positive thing was they have actually announced they will be in commercial production late this year, and yes the placement of shares isn't exactly the best but why oh why has it ended up down here?
Do you think there has been just so many things go wrong?  I saw they were due to list in 1998 but that didn't happen and then the commercial production on the never never - when do you see a lift in the shares?
HW: YES, Ii agree unbelievable.  Well like gold, sometimes I just close my eyes and hold.  However, we continue to monitor company progress and do believe the next announcement of ordering of equipment will be very helpful. It is like the Internet shares which for several years was incredibly overvalued and is now correcting.  IHI shares have for several years been undervalued and we expect a similar (but reverse direction correction).

We are making vacation plans to visit IHI HQ, show home and factory in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC this August. Western Canada is so cheap with their "dollarette" currently under 68 cents US.  The city is beautiful and the people are very friendly.
Mark IHI day: September 9, 1999 for their general shareholder meeting, Delta factory visit and party.
See you there?  My price projection for IHI then?  MUCH higher than today?  YES!!

PART I:   IHI 98


Disclaimer:  The Astrologers Fund Inc., its director, employees and its clients maintain large positions in this stock.  In addition, International Hi-Tech Industries is a major sponsor of our web site.  While we usually do not actively trade IHI stock as it is a long term hold for us, it is of obvious benefit to us when others buy IHI stock.  Always do your own research and check with your licensed financial advisor or broker before buying or selling on the recommendations of the Astrologers Fund, Inc.

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