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It is no secret that IHI is one of my favorite long term investing themes.  Currently a very aggressive, high risk, high reward investment, I nonetheless strongly believe that this will be one stellar company.  In this posting section, I have put together a number of previous and current IHI postings.

This was my first visit to IHI's European headquarters.
This was done in conjunction with my April visit to Luxembourg, which will be the future banking home for our European clients. Luxair has a new direct flight to NY that is comfortable - what you would expect from the flag ship carrier of the Duchy of Luxembourg.  Furthermore, this City Bird flight, using "The Flying Dream" as its motto, naturally appeals to this very Neptunian financial astrologer. This Duchy is a successful mixture of german order and serious business acumen with French style and savoir faire.

As all tourists know, the restaurant food is superb and the surrounding countryside quite lovely.  Of course, the weather is far from ideal; in fact, it had rained every day except the day of my arrival. Today, April 14, it is snowing heavily.  Yet, as I have told my kind Luxembourg hosts: in this way they are lucky. Otherwise, with all of Luxembourg's charms and high quality life style, the addition of good weather would cause them to be overrun with foreigners wishing to relocate. :)

After four years, I finally visited IHI's first show house and was indeed impressed.
My tour guide was no less than Marco Becker of Veda Consult SA, IHI's representative for Europe as well as their Luxembourg JV partner.  This original IHI show home, while a relatively small 2000 square feet, is totally "wunderbar". For example, I am generally not the least interested in kitchens, but this one is highly unusual and one I truly loved. It has both an open view to a cozy dining area and also doubles as a bar section for one of the two living rooms.  I very much would like this design model for my next country home, with only one change, the addition of a working fireplace.  Naturally, I will have to discuss this purchase with my wife first.

     I have spent a great deal of time here meeting with investment bankers. They share my view that as soon as IHI is in production, the sky is the limit!  Naturally such thoughts are very important to a financial astrologer such as myself.

     Every week in Luxembourg and in nearby France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, Marco Becker is meeting with investment bankers, potential joint venture partners, architects, building engineers, home builders, developers, existing and potential shareholders. All of whom will eventually make IHI the great success I have long forecast.  Today, for example, he is meeting with a MAJOR supplier of raw material and as usual great interest has been generated on all sides.

     Next week, IHI's president, Roger Rached will be in Luxembourg.  It is unfortunate I will miss him, but of course we will  meet in Vancouver in June for the dedication of their demonstration show home.  Roger will be making numerous presentations to European investment bankers as well as existing and potential shareholders.  Of major note will be his presentation at the "Technoport Schlassgoart" the Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor, a major European research and innovation center that has expressed great interest in IHI.  Another forward step for IHI. We see IHI's future  involvement with Henri Tudor Centre as another future confirmation and acceptance of what is today revolutionary state-of-the-art High Technology, but will become commonplace in building early next century. Indeed, every time I view a new building being erected, I cannot but internally comment: how old fashioned, inefficient and needlessly slow and expensive compared to IHI.

    While again progress may be a little slower than some of we shareholders would prefer, it continues to be both solid and steady.  Therefore I repeat my buy recommendation on International Hi-Tech Industries [V.IHI, BB: IHITF].  In fact, just two days ago, I met with my sister who lives in Amsterdam and recommended she double up on her IHI position as well as recommending it to her close friends and associates.

     As a postscript, after a few days my rusty language skills are improving.  Already instead of Luxembourgois being totally foreign, I fully understand Salut [hello] and Aedi [good-bye]. My French has also improved to the point that in addition to Bonjour et Au Revoir, I am now able to ask: "Ou sont les toilettes?"  Being so prepared, I naturally look forward to my next visit there.


Reader: I just read that IHI plans to raise both debt and EQUITY capital. What kind of dilution is expected through fresh offerings and how does it play into your projections for EPS and stock price?  Thanks.
HW: Excellent news in my opinion.  CIBC is a world class bank and they should be able to assist IHI onto Nasdaq.

Reader: Could you explain is there any particular reason why IHI is falling in the last few days? Just want to know how far do you think the price will go down then I can  accumulate some more?
Does the news of the "Private Placement" on 29th March have anything to do with the recent fall?
HW:  It will continue to rise AND fall until:
1) The first factory is in production and 2) IHI is a Nasdaq stock.
So you can expect this type of gyration until this Summer/Fall  and we will continue to recommend buying IHI at these bargain basement prices. I expect the current attack on its stock price to end shortly with support established between $1.10-$1.30CD.

Reader:  Do you have a date IHI will be introduced to the US market? I have kept my investment because I believe it is something that will take off like it did at the EXPO in Vancouver. It would nice to see a road show in the United States to acquaint areas where IHI housing would serve a great need.
HW:  Between the Fall of 99 and Spring of 2000 best guess.

We are making vacation plans to visit IHI HQ, show home and factory in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC this August. Western Canada is so cheap with their "dollarette" currently under 67 cents US.  The city is beautiful and the people are very friendly.
Mark IHI day: August 15, 1999 for their general shareholder meeting, Delta factory visit and party.
See you there?  My price projection for IHI then?  MUCH higher than today?  YES!!

PART I:   IHI 98


Disclaimer:  The Astrologers Fund Inc., its director, employees and its clients maintain large positions in this stock.  In addition, International Hi-Tech Industries is a major sponsor of our web site.  While we usually do not actively trade IHI stock as it is a long term hold for us, it is of obvious benefit to us when others buy IHI stock.  Always do your own research and check with your licensed financial advisor or broker before buying or selling on the recommendations of the Astrologers Fund, Inc.

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