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It is no secret that IHI is one of my favorite long term investing themes.  While an aggressive, high risk, high reward investment, I nonetheless strongly believe that this will be one stellar company.  In this posting section, I have put together previous and current IHI postings.




3 Critical Milestones Countdown
3. IHI announcing that they have ordered Robotic equipment for their Delta Factory March 12.
2. Official IHI factory opening- December 2000?
1. Lower IHI production costs proven

Like other attendees at the IHI Delta factory August 15, I sensed IHI vindication is coming soon.  I believe that after seeing the factory progress and hearing supplier updates, investors attending are looking forward to a Merry Christmas indeed.  As usual, the food was first rate and a good time was had by all.  I made note of five points at the IHI picnic, aka AGM meeting:

International Hi-Tech Industries has taken far, far longer than my original (and often revised) forecasts.  Still, after hearing IHI's robotic vendor FANUC* progress report presented on IHI day, I am more convinced than ever that my faith will be vindicated THIS YEAR, THIS DECEMBER.  IHI shareholders (and potential investors) please note: IHI plans on updating its web site weekly starting September.  Therefore, there will be less reason for me to report on this company here in future unless something major and unforeseen happens.

I've just realized due to jet lag, when I recommended IHITF as our August Microcap Stock of the Month pick, I had also made it my February 2000 pick.  Quite frankly, after seeing IHI entering the final home stretch, I feel liking buying it every month.  The odds are, on any given day if you would call me and ask whether you should buy IHI, I would feel liking answering "YES!"  However, as a professional money manager, I would answer that would have to be in the context of the appropriateness of your portfolio, and I would suggest you discuss this with your financial advisor. Furthermore, to avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest [I do consulting work for the company], I would encourage you to "Check it out yourself. Visit the company web site, or better still, the company itself.  Even better, ask your astrologer to check out their horoscope."

I believe any other high technology company in a similar state of pre-production would fully justify a far higher stock price. Whether you use Chinese Astrology, Vedic Astrology or Western Astrology, the results are the same: IHI has the cosmic potential to become a "one decision stock" like Microsoft or Intel.  As I said in my brief talk at the AGM, not only is IHI a company that will offer rich financial awards to stockholders and joint venture partners, it is also a SRI company that will do good in the world. Its technology can help save many lives, and livelihoods as well as being ecologically sound and improve the quality of life on earth.  For these reasons, almost all my personal friends, clients and close family are long term investors in this company.  Over the next 12 months, the public should see what psychics and seers from around the world have "seen": sharing my vision of International Hi-Tech Industries as a world class, paradigm shifting construction technology powerhouse.

*Fanuc is a major manufacturer of industrial robots and factory automation-related products.
It is listed on the TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange) and we rate it a long term global buy.


IHI stock is ready to take off: From the end of October onto a timely factory opening (December 2000?) and the commencement of commercial production, we expect an easy double in price.
Before then, we do not know whether it will drop back down during the general market meltdown we are expecting.  However, as long term investors, we don't care.

Intermediate Term, we are on both year-end factor opening and Toronto/Nasdaq listing countdowns.
We believe most of IHI stock is in strong hands today.  IHI is a technology stock that is about to be (re)discovered and is ready to move.  Technically, IHITF should gain strength when its 200 moving average crossing its 50 MA.  We then see $1 US becoming the floor and IHITF stock would move up rapidly on positive news, easily as far as $3 to $5 during the expected Fall/January Microcap rally. If former IHI's shareholders decide this is the right time to re-enter this stock, then much higher price targets could be seen sooner, rather than later. For quite some time after the Delta factory is in commercial production,  we foresee no significant stock correction. as we have experience so many times in the past.

Q & A

READER: Would it be correct to assume you feel IHI will one day go to 30.00 etc.
HW: I have long said, when more investors see what I foresee about the future of my client IHI, it will not be a $30 stock but a $100 stock.  Given  projected $1 share earnings per factory, that could mean within 5 years of the BC factory opening more than $25 per share earnings! When I spoke to the FANUC representative "lamenting" about the snail pace of IHI factory construction, it being "4 years late," his unofficial response was that IHI was "15 years too early."  He also stated that they may not have been able to achieve the continuous Robotic automation they will in 2001 as the state of Robotics only recently advanced enough to achieve it.

READER: I'm thinking about buying some more IHI.  I got my first two lots at an avg. of .57.  Do you think it will go down with the pre/post election market correction.  What are your thoughts on buying now vs. waiting?  Do you think it will pull back anymore?
HW: It could - I don't know.  I do believe that once we are in late October and the we are in a 45 day factory opening countdown the stock will at least double.  Until then, I don't know if we will go up to 1.30 or back down to .65 or less.
Therefore you could put in a bid for the price you want and wait.
Or you could wait until mid October and then buy, at price that is much lower or higher than current but in the belief it will go higher short term.
Finally, you could buy now and not care if it goes back down.
Which is the best of the three choices, I really don't know.
Do tell me know which of the three choices you decide though, I am curious.

READER: Well, IHI will just have to go straight to Nasdaq!!!
HW: Perhaps, or you may see it on Toronto first or Nasdaq Canada, and then Nasdaq US.

READER: Hope your call on IHI is as good as the rest!
HW: That makes three of us. I am hoping that IHI [will] make my wife very happy by this Christmas.

READER: Do you know what is driving the volume/price of IHI the last few days?
HW: No. I presume since we are finally closer to production this fall, more investors are realizing that IHITF is a very, very undervalued high risk speculation and they want to join in.

READER: What is IHI day on Aug. 15 about?  Is there a special event going on?  You have made reference to it but I didn't see why it is so important.
HW: Yes, each year they have a party event at their factory- it is good PR and shareholders usually get excited. Being close to Fall production, it could help the stock price.

READER: What's wrong with IHI? It's down to $0.50.
HW: In my opinion, nothing new is wrong with the company, just its stock price.

READER: What is your own personal opinion (don't worry I am not buying many more) about IHI's stock price 6 months after it goes into commercial production - will it go to 30.00?
HW: That would be nice, but I don't believe so.  Certainly I would expect to see IHITF reach $5 to $10. Perhaps after they announce their plans to take orders on the Internet, well then, maybe $30....
READER:  Longer term over a 5 year period 30.00 on the cards?
HW: Yes I hope so.  Otherwise, I was wrong to build such a big wine cellar.
[Several years ago, I asked friends and clients who bought IHI stock to give me a fine bottle of champagne when it reached $30].

READER: Are IHI shares undervalued?  What should its price be?
HW: It is most certainly not overvalued, especially given Friday's news. It should be is whatever the markets wants it to be; we continue to believe that will (much?) higher the closer we are to IHI day (August 15) and then Fall production.
READER:  Do you know of any reason why IHITF is back down???  You mind telling me your OPINION on what's going on?  Still holding?
HW: Yes, broad markets are being creamed.  I am still holding and may buy again (even though I keep saying I wont) because I believe in its future and see it as a countdown to later this Fall when we forecast future technology to do very well.
READER: I just wanted to say thank you, as my gold subscription has already paid for itself, in multiples, in my first week of subscribing. I have taken my profit and bought IHITF.
HW: Thank you, always nice to hear. Two smart moves.

READER: I presume when you were in Vancouver you went to see IHI. Will you be writing an update about it?
HW: I saw the continuing progress that was reported in their April 13th press release.  They will be doing monthly progress reports which will help all investors better value what I perceive as slow (although not as slow as before) steady progress. READER: IHI-my personal belief was with the announcement regarding the robotics that the share price would go to USD 2.00. Do you think now it is a case that the share price wont really increase dramatically until they actually announce they are going into production-it certainly shows up the insanity of the market that people would rather be in stocks with no earnings and based around hype rather than a solid concept as IHI with a magnificent future with real earnings. One week could you for WSNW readers repeat your analysis you gave last year of where you saw the share price going on the fundamental analysis of the output of the factories?
HW: It is posted at IHI.  After May's Jupiter/Saturn I believe stocks such as IHI will get more of the recognition they deserve.

READER: IHI has kept a low profile for very long time. With the robotics finally on order, the end of the beginning is in sight.  Those of us who have been with Roger for a long time know of IHI's staggering potential, but our numbers are small.  What are the company's plans to promote the stock?
HW: I don't care about promotion AT ALL. I care about company progress which IS happening.  The stock market will eventually realize what IHI is doing and its stock will naturally zoom up, as long as the fundamentals keep improving.

READER: Last month I sold IHITF, because I felt it was not going anywhere, but today I realized it went up. Should I rebuy although it's higher?
HW: There is nothing wrong with rebuying a stock higher or lower if it meets your investment criteria and you believe it will increase in value in the future. As for my advice as to buying IHI, need your ask? :)

AFUND CLIENT: "Henry, No need to wait for IHI. Returns lately have been nothing short of spectacular! Enjoy the Bubbly."
HW: New readers may not be aware that I have asked all who have bought IHITF to send me a bottle of champagne when it reaches $30. To date, we have been most patient.

We are scheduling a visit to IHI's Delta factory after the installation of the Fanuc Robots.
Next year on IHI Day August 15, 2001 when their are in full production, many shareholders from around the world are expected to attend their AGM meeting and partake of the joyous celebration.  A trip to the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC is inexpensive with their "dollarette" currently under 68 cents US.  The city is beautiful and the people are very friendly. Bring your friends and family along.

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PART X:  IHI Story, Part X

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