"The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it."


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Any independent, thoughtful, critical market watcher knows the importance of behavioral finance. He or she finds soon finds upon investigation that astrology, a mathematical psychology based on astronomy, is an accurate and helpful methodology to more successfully forecast market timing and investor sentiment. Yet this is only the beginning.

The true purpose of astrology is NOT to predict the future,
but to help plan for it and better still, to help create it.

The use of astrology in business is still very much in the closet as is its use in the financial markets.  But clearly financial astrology can be of great help to corporations, both in a macro and micro sense.

It is easy to see the benefit of astrological forecasts when in the Fall of 1998 Oil was $20 and would drop to multi-year lows.   Energy companies would be advised to sell assets.  Similarly, when it dropped to $10 several months later, and astrology then forecast a rally to mutli-year years, the new advice was to buy (with both hands) Oil.  Finally, when in 2000, it exceeded $30 on its way to $34, we recommended some distribution with a forecast of a quick drop to $25.  Similarly, Gold companies who knew of our forecast that Gold would reach $325 last October would have unhedged and avoided the fate of Ashanti Goldfields.  It is also easy to realize the great value to multinational companies of our forecast that the Euro would drop to par with the US dollar etc.

On a micro level, Astrology helps company to BE IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME.  No astrologer advised Disney to open in Paris and lose billions of dollars. Astrology also helps companies to DO THE RIGHT THING AT THE RIGHT TIME. Disney should not have expanded in 1998. Concentrating on core assets would have been the strategy financial astrologers such as myself would have advised..

Astrology is no magic pill for businesses any more than it is a holy grail in the markets.  It is however an extremely useful tool.  Someday, in the not so distant future, people will wonder how business got along without the advice of their astrologer.  Like lawyers and accountants, they will be a necesary part of the team.

In these sections we will be highlighting and reporting on astrological methods, analyses and applications to public companies.  I will consider myself successful when the SEC requires as part of due diligence and full disclosure, the listing of company's incorporation data, first trade data as well as birth date, place and time [as known] of key corporate executives.  Similar to the beneficial effect for accountants of the 1934 act that required companies to produce audited financial statements, such a ruling will help the field of astrology to grow and prosper while increasing the protection of investors.

On a final note, we will be highlighting companies that are our clients here.  We consider it part of our mission for public companies to come out of the closet regarding the use of astrology.  This will be happening more and more as 21st century consciousness overtakes old, 20th century superstitions and taboos.

While we use an internal Chinese wall in our money management in our work for corporate clients and companies we cover, please read our disclaimer: Should you desire to buy or sell any AFUND clients, please recognize the need to do your own due diligence or utilize the professional services of a broker or licensed financial professional.


To my mind, employing a business astrologer is a necessity, not a luxury in order to win in the 21st century. Hiring one can be as important to a business as employing a lawyer or accountant. I used to joke that the fact a business hired an astrologer was already an act that demonstrated a clear strategic advantage. Later, I realized this was TRUE: For a businessman who had both the courage and independent thinking which enabled him/her to hire an astrologer was already on the road to success.
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Disclaimer: The Astrologers Fund Inc., its director, employees and its clients often maintain positions in corporate client stocks.  In addition, corporate clients may be advertisers on our web site. We may buy or sell any stocks mentioned without prior notice.  While we do not actively trade these stocks to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest, and they are intermediate term holds for us, it can be of benefit to us when others buy or sell AFUND client stocks.
Always do your own research and check with your licensed financial advisor or broker before buying or selling on the recommendations of the Astrologers Fund, Inc.

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