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To my mind, employing a business astrologer is a necessity, not a luxury in order to win in the 21st century. Hiring one can be as important to a business as employing a lawyer or accountant. I used to joke that the fact a business hired an astrologer was already an act that demonstrated a clear strategic advantage. Later, I realized this was TRUE: For a businessman who had both the courage and independent thinking which enabled him/her to hire an astrologer was already on the road to success.

With permission, we will be posting here some of the work we are doing for a new public corporate client, After we visit the company headquarters in September and other due diligence, we will be posting a fuller analysis that we will be periodically updating here.

We will be visiting in September 8.  After our on site visit and other due diligence , we will be preparing a fuller report on the company. This is being serialized at on our website.

First Trade:  Oct 1, 1987  Vancouver BC
Incorporation: September 23, 1991 Vancouver BC.
Birthdata of Principals:
    CFO: 8/21/1965     CEO: 4/19/1969    COO: 6/01/1953    CIO:  3/06/1975
Web site:
Investor Relations Contact: James Hinton X135 or John Kirk 1-800-797-9999 X136.

First Advice based on Astrocartography map of Incorporation chart:
Pay special attention to: Toronto, Chicago and Texas.
Seek a Toronto listing (at this time) instead of Nasdaq.
Align with a Future house in Chicago and financing or alliance with computer company in Texas.

Second advice is straight forward:
1) Continue to concentrate on home town strength.  Be the "Free Serve" story of Canada.
2) Looking ahead astrologically, it is full speed ahead.  No hidden land mines ahead seen in the transits and lunar return charts this Fall.  Simply continue as planned to be a strong contender among the 50-100 potential competitors and M & A candidates.

AstroTechnicals: Stock Price
8/12/99: Stock is currently testing its lows, which we think will be around $2.75-$2.90 middle of next week.  Thereafter it should retake $3 upon good news and then attempt to reach $5 by the end of September.
Note: recent volume has been VERY low, averaging under 10,000 shares a day.  Therefore it is equally possible that it will NOT materially break $3CD, or that it will reach $2.50 before turning up.

8/16/99:  It is a good sign to see volume increasing to about 12-15,000 shares a day.  The current fight is between 3.10 support and 3.25 resistance.  If $3+  holds all this week, then with news, we can expect to see a jump to $5 by the end of September.

8/24/99:  The trend todate is your friend. Continual accumulation seems to be happening on this stock.  Depending on company progress i.e. news, it may go straight to $4.50 to $5 and pause,  or wait for US $5 ($7.50CD) for traders to take first profits.

09/03/99:  Volume is increasing to a healthier 20,000+ daily.  $CD4 seems to be establishing as a new base price with $4.25 "fair value."  Should it hold ALL of next week, then we expect to see $5-$6+ the week after. Again, astrological indicators are Bullish till the end of September.

NATAL CHART ANALYSIS (Forthcoming) primary business focus is as an aggregator and disseminator of stock market information and content.
Their twin business objective is to become a leading provider of financial data and content on the web as well as an internet market leader for turn-key online brokerage solutions.

Q & A
READER: Is Stox available OTC in the USA?
HW: Currently only on the Canadian Vancouver exchange at this time trading under the symbol URL - perhaps next Spring.

READER: I would like to know if you would advise an investor to sell url at 5.00 or hold on to it?
HW: This depends on whether you bought it for a trade or an intermediate term investment. If an investor, I would wait until $6.50 to $7.50 before any selling.

READER: I only have 1000 shares [of Stox-V.URL]. If you think this good gains coming, I would like to invest about $10,000.00 dollars total.
HW: I am very close to the company, so it may be hard for me to see the forest for the trees. The energy enthusiasm of their staff is incredible and infectious.  As I have not yet completed my due diligence, you may wish to wait until reading my report which I will post after my Vancouver trip next week. However, what I have seen so far, is very promising and shares under CD$4.25 seem rather cheap to me.

For the lastest updates, see postings.

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