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As of January 1, 1997, we made the decision that we would no longer take on new corporate clients who would not disclose that they used astrology. Naturally, this resulted in a very serious loss of income in the short term for us. However, having demonstrated the value of astrology over and over in strategic planning, I made the decision that I would no longer allow myself to be hidden in the closet.

After more than 2 years, our dry spell ended. We are listing new 1999 Astrologer Fund Inc. corporate clients below:

We are pleased that beginning in year 2000, we have six new corporate clients which are listed below:
Of more than passing interest is the stellar market performance in 1999 of most of our client companies.*  Given my personal SRI leanings, we will be taking a slightly more activist role in promoting positive SRI institutionalization in such areas as matching employer employee non-profit donations and local and global community involvement. Please note as of today, 1/28/2000, we have not yet completed our due diligence on all these companies. While we obviously recommend researching them, it is important that newbie investors to the small and microcap market work with an independent experienced advisor or research these companies on their own before investing.  In our opinion, these are very aggressive startup situations most appropriate for the speculative weighted portfolio allocation.
WSNW subscribers are strongly advised to read our LAS VEGAS INVESTING post.

We post the 2000 market performance of our public companies at AFUND Client 12 Portfolio 2000.
* After becoming clients, our 3 public companies returned over 0, 100 and 700% in 1999 respectively.
Note: Due to misunderstandings of a verbal-handshake contract that was never formally signed by DCHT management, we mutually ended DCHT's "contract" in January 2000.

PLEASE NOTE: Investing in small and  microcap securities carries a high degree of risk and you can lose all of your investment money.
Past performances do not guarantee future results.
Remember, always to check with your licensed financial planner or broker before acting upon the recommendations of the Astrologers Fund, Inc. or others who post here. This is just the starting point of your research, and you must carefully investigate before you buy/or sell.

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