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Here in no particular order, are a number of questions of general interested answered in recent Wall Street, Next Week and Investing By the Stars emails.

Q: I am using AOL and having trouble reading your emails.

HW: One solution is to go to our premium channel and access the newsletter online. It is posted 30 minutes after you get your email. You can either read it there or print. READER: Why is all the trailing data necessary.  Your actual weekly report requires 3- 4 pages to print out but if you print it out as it is displayed we get 12 additional pages of computereze garbage.  This is not environment friendly. (save the trees)
HW: That is a problem ONLY with AOL which is not html friendly.  That is why we post in the premium area of our website upon mailing and you can print it from there without the extra html code that AOL does not correctly format.

READER: My solution to the AOL problem is to cut and paste your writing into a word processor then print it out.
Thanks for IBM recommendation. I bought IBM calls when you were recommended long time ago and made a fortune (+14 points) which is 100 times your gold subscription.
HW: Thank you for the alternate AOL solution. ALWAYS happy to hear from happy subscribers.

A: Dates that are "key" for market direction, e.g. pivots, testing support or resistance, market markers etc.

Q: In deciding what option to buy - which is most important...the OI or the Volume?
A: What is more important is what price target you have for the underlying instrument or stock and the cost of the option, i.e. how expensive or cheap.

Q: I am interested in the gold channel, I have traded some options and rolled stock my experience in trading as been on and off for about four years. What do you recommend?
A: If you are unsure, try gold for 3 months for $1000, which is less than the cost of one trade. Once you decide it is for you, then save money and subscribe on a yearly basis for $3000.

READER: Explain the difference, other than price between your S/G/P services.
HW:  I must be doing a terrible job of explaining this as I am constantly asked this question.
Essentially, the question is whether you are an investor, trader or money manager.
If you are an investor that would appreciate a selection of good stocks and major times to be in and out of the market, our silver edition and premium posts is right for you.
If you are more a trader and need a frequent market pulse and would appreciate a selection of high probability R/R trades, then our gold edition with its daily market commentary is helpful.
If you are professional money manager who would like periodical reviews of current and prospective major positions and would like to increase profitability while reducing risk, then you should be a platinum subscriber.
Note: Gold service includes Silver and Platinum services include Gold.
Q:: Is it possible to subscribe to any newsletter for stock market info you have available on a daily basis.
A: Yes, our gold traders edition includes a daily market commentary. The cost is $1000 for 3 months or $3000 per year.

Q: How do you recommend I get started learning Financial Astrology?

A: Its as easy as 1-2-3:
(1) Read a dozen books on the subject, starting with mine -  FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY BOOKS
(2) Attend financial astrology conferences;
(3) Subscribe to two or more financial astrology newsletters.

Q: Who provides "first trade date data information" on stocks and commodity issues in US, Canadian, European, Asian and African Markets?

A:The leading US researchers are Bill Meridian, Carol Mull and Michael Munkassey.

Available from our Bookstore are:
Incorporation Data: Carol Mull's STANDARD AND POOR'S 500 & 750 OVER THE COUNTER STOCKS, and
First trade Data: Bill Meridian's PLANETARY STOCK TRADING with 1000 first trade horoscopes.

For details on Michael's newly researched 2500+ collection of US first trade and incorporation charts email him directly: M_Munkasey@COMPUSERVE.COM. 

Try as I may to accept the concept of planets and stars as the basis for investing, I guess I'm so hopelessly brainwashed that I just can't make the connection, even though I gave it much thought. Yet, I can see you're doing something right. My question is : Are you using any other method of analysis concurrent with the astrology?


When making a major forecast, we look to 5 factors:
1. Fundamentals,
2. Technicals,
3. Market Psychology (Sentiment),
4. Market Timing and
5. Geo-Political events.

Q: Are eclipses always bad?

A: No, in the event of the last two in 1996, September 2 and September 16 the stock market rocketed up 200 points [It seems like only yesterday that eclipses powered markets just 100 points] . However, EK was also just eclipsed and collapsed. This shows that interpretative skill, as well as knowledge of technicals and fundamentals, are needed to accurately forecast the directional POWER of eclipses.

Q: I have an interest in the commodity markets. Do you know where I can get the astrological charts for the various commodities?

A Carol Mull recently published: WORLDWIDE LIST OF DATES FUTURES CONTRACTS WERE LAUNCHED. It costs $15 and covers 361 futures and futures option contracts. You may order it from our Bookstore or directly from Carol Mull.

Q: I was wondering if you could tell me of someone I could learn Astrology from for following the commodity markets? Someone who is good and honest and really follows commodities using astrology! Any information would be very helpful!

A: Obviously there are no "holy grails" for sale in the public marketplace. You might start by checking out several Financial Astrology Web Sites.

Q: Why is there so much interest in predictions of extremes in the stock markets as well as other financial and grain markets, from crashes to major rallies?

A: PAVLOVIAN TRAINING. Formerly, Financial Astrologers ONLY received Media attention for EXTREME/BIZARRE PREDICTIONS or as an ODDBALL PIECE on market superstitions.

Q: Are you ever wrong in your market forecasts?

A: Never Wrong? Of course I am, but hardly ever - less often than the markets. :)
I used to believe there were 4 types, but I found out there are 5 types who are never wrong:

Q: After subscribing WSNW, I am amazed by what astrology can do. Now I would like to have a fundamental understanding about it. Can you suggest to me any book for an entry level learner?

A: Sure  INVESTING BY THE STARS by Henry Weingarten, publisher tRADERS PRESSl.

Q: Can I order your book directly from you and have it autographed?

A: Of course you can! But when you place your Book order remember to SPECIFICALLY request an autographed copy.

Q: Do you have a mutual fund I can invest in?

A: Not at this time.

Q: I notice you never mention mutual funds in any articles.  Can success or failure not be gauged astrologically by inception date?  As a senior, I'm not considered an active trader, opting for the diversification in MF.  I know Morningstar rates almost all funds, however, ratings are usually based upon past performances.  Have you done anything astrologically with respect to future successes in MF?
A: Yes one can, but I don't cover mutual funds, since I am a money manager myself and just watch stocks and sectors. If I were simply a newsletter writer I would. However, I am over worked as it is.  I did astrologically research Mexican funds in 1995 to confirm my forecasts for the two Mexican crises.  Since you are not an active trader, I would suggest our silver subscription, which is $300 for one year or $500 for two years. 

Q: Do you use the declination positions of the planets for the market?  Do you use or know anyone who uses Magi Astrology for the market?
A: At times, probably not as often as I should.  I know one BIG trader who uses Magi Astrology who claims great success.

Q: When do you send your newsletter?.
A:  We usually  send it out on Sunday. Occasionally we send it early Friday when we feel market conditions warrant it.

Q: OK, I've seen SRI all over your site. Now would you please tell me what SRI stands for?
A: Socially Responsible Investing.

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