Using Astrology in the Financial Markets

This book addresses two distinct audiences:

1) those who are familiar with astrology in a personal way and wish to understand how it can apply in the financial area and

2) investors and traders not familiar with astrology.

Therefore, I told quite a number of true stories to illustrate how astrology works in the markets. I gave both examples of using it as a microscope - for trading and as a telescope - for investing. I also discussed some of the limitations of this technique by providing both good and bad forecasts.

In my view there are 3 primary factors that drive markets: fundamentals, technicals and astrology (market timing and market psychology). Whether you believe in astrology or not, if affects the markets. It has been my experience that "ignorance is NOT bliss in markets." Reading INVESTING BY THE STARS will not only better prepare you to trade the next Full Moon, but to be far less often surprised by "market surprises".



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Without question the best introduction to financial astrology out there. Whether you are an investor or trader, student of astrology or professional astrologer, you will benefit from reading this book. Also makes a great gift for your favorite analyst or broker.


Investing By The Stars - Read This Review!

Investing By The Stars - Read This Review!


Here it is! A stunning tour-de-force on financial astrology by one of the world's experts, Henry Weingarten. Graphs. Charts. Stocks Bonds, Buying. Selling. What rules what. Investing. Trading. Rules. Guidelines. Anyone who want to use astrology for investing purposes must have this bestseller in the field.

Wanted to let you know I've purchased your book and read it. Have ordered two more so I can learn and contacted a broker to find that I should also read "The Wall Street Journal's Guide to Understanding ..." the stock market or something like that.

I've been an astrologer for nearly 30 years but never knew just where to go to find *good* information. Thanks for your book and for your page, which I return to frequently and tell others about. It's beautiful...very impressive.


The reason for writing is to - rather belatedly - congradulate you on your 'Astrology and the Markets' book. I have bought it as a gift for two favorite clients who are enjoying it very much indeed. It is a really splendid work, writing in an exciting way. You manage to make the whole subject accessible. I do hope you have had praise from around the globe. I am recommending that the book should be part of the recommended reading list for Faculty students. Congratulations again, Christeen Skinner, D.F. Astrol.S

Just wanted to write and say that I just purchased Henry Weingarten's, "Investing by the Stars" and find it very, very interesting and mind expanding. I couldn't help but skip ahead a little to Henry's interpretation (decoding) of Gann's Master Time Factor. What Henry wrote solved the riddle for me (and I've been studing Gann for many years). It is exactly in-line with how Mr. W.D. chose to conceal his most significant findings.

Many thanks for this one precious piece of information, alone! And you can quote me on this!

L. E. Stein, PhD

From review by Brandi Jasmine

Henry Weingarten has garnered amazingly positive press clippings over the past few years. Weingarten’s combination of solid writing skills, astrological knowledge, stock market savvy and plain common sense has been winning over even hardened skeptics.

Investing by the Stars is a solidly fair book, pointing out the risks of astrological investing in realistic terms, in such a clear fashion that I intend to recommend the book to "debunker" mindset skeptics that I encounter in the future. Much of the resistance astrology faces today is the distorted notions skeptics have of astrologers’ claims, and Weingarten puts to rest many clichéd notions in refreshingly clear language.

Investing by the Stars gives me real hope for the future of astrology as a profession. We need clear applications for our talents as astrologers, and the stock market is a natural. Performance can be based on overall results, in terms of dollars, rather than in nebulous terms of psychology and personal prediction. To quote a section of Investing by the Stars:

For example, Wall Street astrologer Arch Crawford’s Crawford Perspectives, an astrological newsletter, was ranked No. 1 by many timing-tracking services. Marc Hulbert acknowledged it as one of the top-performing letters of the previous five years. In his Forbes column of September 11, 1995, he wrote:

No, I am not festooning my office wall with astrological charts, nor staying up late nights with the works of Nostradamus, I am only saying that results are what counts, and since results are what Arch Crawford has produced, I will take him seriously – whatever I might think of astrology.

This is an extremely encouraging work, which seems to be positively received by the investment community as well as the astrological community. It is a practical introduction to both disciplines, combining them in a realistic manner, and presents them to the reader without jargon.

From review by AdZe MiXXe

McGraw-Hill has published Henry Weingarten's new book Investing by the Stars which uses astrology in the financial markets. The book is a good primer on exactly what is going on in the world where high finance and astrology meet. Weingarten offers insight into the basics and more.

Richard Mogey, director of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, has made a large contribution to the work with his chapter on Long Cycles and the Master Time Factor. Charles Harvey has contributed a chapter on Forecasting the Crash of 1987. Appendixes on Q and A, Bad Data, Chart Dates, Eclipses and Retrogrades make the book a winner. Investing by the Stars is available in stores and good for beginners as well as those who are advanced in understanding of celestial correspondences.

Henry -- In our next magazine, Aquarius/Pisces 97 issue (page 14) -- our Books: Received and Recommended section -- I promote your new book from late 1996. I mention to people that it is certainly THE book to buy on astrology and investing. I mention the price, that it is hardcover and a McGraw-Hill book, and so on.

I don't do long reviews in the magazine, but I wanted you to know that I hope the book does very well and that I am sure a good number of books will be bought and ordered due to my promoting the book personally in the magazine.

Congratulations on all your hard work. I have gone through some of your chapters, but look forward to more time in the future when I can really study carefully what you have written. Many Blessings, Mark Lerner

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