Carol Mull is a publisher, author, and active market trader. She has been a corporate accountant, business school teacher, lecturer, conference founder and sponsor. Currently, Carol publishes and edits two newsletters:

(1) "THE ASTRO INVESTOR," covering individual stocks and the DIJA, now in its thirteenth year

(2) "METAL PRICE CYCLES" for commodity traders of aluminum, tin, zinc, nickel, copper, silver, lead, palladium, gold, and platinum, now in its third year.

She also does specialized work for individual investors and for venture capitalists. She has appeared on both TV and radio and is a well known researcher of astro-timing techniques for forecasting the markets.

Editors Note: To request a free sample of her newsletters, you can contact her as follows:

Carol S. Mull

PO Box 11133 Indianapolis, Indiana, 46201

Phone 317-357-6855 Fax 317-353-6246


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