FAQ #1

I am listing the seven most popular questions about Financial Astrology. They are briefly answered here and in more depth in my book  INVESTING BY THE STARS published by McGraw Hill.

Q1: Does the investor's own natal chart have any relevance?

A: Yes, the first rule of financial astrology is to look at your own chart when investing.

Q2: Is the natal chart of investor/speculator important in determining the timing of investments

A: Absolutely. Strangely enough, even if you are using a mechanized, non-discretionary computer program.

Q3: Which natal chart(s): the founding of the nation, the exchange, the company whose stock is being considered, the introduction of the instrument is important?

A: All. I would also include the President's horoscope, and the president of the corporation you are studying to the list. You can use even more charts, such as those of the Central Bank's founding etc. But what you will find out additionally may or may not be worth the additional research time.

Q4: Can the incorporation chart timed by the stamp on the articles of incorporation over which the incorporator had no control or even knowledge of be relevant?

A: It is, and similiar to a person's birth, outlines the potential development of the entity.

Q5: Explain the most commonly used cyclic patterns and demonstrate their validity?

A: There are far too many short term, intermediate term and long term cycles to list here. While somewhat inactive at the moment, you can visit the Foundation for the Study of Cycles Web Site and of course read my book INVESTING BY THE STARS and when published TRADING BY THE STARS pub 2000.

Q6: Can you predict the day to day direction of stocks.

A: Not always, but quite often. Read WALL STREET, NEXT WEEK and decide for yourself.

Q7: Can you predict the day to day directions of the major market indices and major commodities for the next few months.

A: More often than not, but this information is far too valuable to give away here. Sorry.

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