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With permission, we are posting some of the work we are doing for our corporate client,

First Trade:  Oct 1, 1987  Vancouver BC
Incorporation: September 23, 1991 Vancouver BC.
Birthdata of Principals:
Claude West Chairman of the Board:   August 3, 1944 7am Freeport Texas
Scott Blue  CEO:  April 19, 1969 11:02am New Westminster, BC Canada
Michael Stephenson President: June 1, 1953 Noon North Shields, Tyne&Wear,(North Umberland) UK
CFO: Patrick Lavin 8/21/1965       CIO:  John Train  3/06/1975
Web site:
Investor Relations Contact: John Kirk 1-800-797-9999 X136 or Graham Christie X140.


March 1 STOX.COM  launched its real time North American Quote system.  This is the latest in a stream of good news from   Their twin business objective is to become a leading provider of financial data and content on the web primarily in partnership with leading telecomms as well as an Internet market leader for turn-key online brokerage solutions. Since our last posting, they have made substantial progress.  They have closed contracts both to provide financial information on the Internet to companies like US West as well as provide turn key online brokerage trading systems to companies like  They have also raised substantial money in private placements and are preparing for a Toronto listing.

However, on a personal note, I believe their key move was January 18, 2000, elevating my friend Michael Stephenson to President of the company.  If you study his upcoming astrological aspects, you will be extremely impressed.  This suggests to me that will be highly successful in 2000 and that we may see our 2001 price target of CD$21 much earlier than we thought last year.

AstroTechnicals: Stock Price

3/6: Having reached $12 twice, and given the stellar indications in their president's horoscope, we forsee CD$12 establishing a base.  Thereafter, CD $21 should be reached upon more good news such as a Toronto listing or more substantial contracts.

Q & A

READER: STOX.COM- you need to keep watching this one. It's positioned to take off. Expect highs of $18 this month. Perhaps a dip in April. Fuller recovery in June and a strong possibility of $30+. Just an opinion... still very speculative. They're aiming to do it right the first time and as you say possibilities for expansion into other areas.
HW:  While your intermediate price targets are higher than mine, I have no objection if you are right.  I am not planning on selling it anytime soon.

READER: Do you think it is appropriate to buy STOX [V.URL] today at its current price level? [I see it] as a high risk investment with a potential far more than a double. [I believe] if we value Stox with possible competitors, they should trade not at 12, but between 20-30.
HW: You are giving my 2001 price target.  If you are asking if STOX is a better value at 12 than their sector competitors, the answer is most definitely YES.  If you are asking CAN they trade to 20-30 this year, the answer is also Yes, it is possible.  From a cosmic value view, a stock price greater than 12-15 is expensive, but far cheaper than their competitors. Without question, I would personally much rather buy and hold shares of than an equivalent amount of almost all the big name dot.coms - AOL, Yahoo, Amazon etc.

READER: When we were in Vancouver 2 weeks ago, we visited  James Hinton spent about 1 hour with us explaining the company.  Then we met some of the rest of the staff.  I was so impressed, I bought more shares on the spot. Now, onward and upward!
HW: Yes, I believe any visitor must be equally impressed as we both were.  Always best to do thorough due diligence.

READER: How does and Dcht compare in risk to IHI? Is less or more risky than Dcht?
HW: Good questions. There are a number of ways to define risk.  One value way is the book value of the company.  By this measure, IHI is clearly the least risky as its stock is trading at less than 2 X book and owns substantial real assets. is an Internet/network company past the start up stage with strong contracts and hence a future revenue stream. DCHT is a start up hydrogen energy company, with its hydrogen sensor business a future steady source of revenue stream that alone could easily justify twice its current stock price.  If you are worried about risk, you should not be buying either of these two.  If you like high risk/high reward speculative investments, you should buy BOTH.

READER: I saw Stox com- wow. Do you think 5 or 6 before Xmas?
HW: Perhaps, but before or just after, I will be happy either way.

READER: Just had a look at the chart for The volumes accompanying the rise are substantial. It looks like it could clean out 6 and maybe meet7ish!
HW: Technically, I see 5 and 6 as its new primary and secondary support. With 6 becoming the new base, its stock will look next to 10 or higher. In a securities research report I just read, was rated as a "buy" with a 12 month target price of $12 per share


Disclaimer:  The Astrologers Fund Inc., its director, employees and its clients maintain positions in this stock.  In addition, is a corporate client and advertiser on our website.  While we usually do not actively trade stock as it is an intermediate term hold for us, it is of obvious benefit to us when others buy its stock.  Always do your own research and check with your licensed financial advisor or broker before buying or selling on the recommendations of the Astrologers Fund, Inc.
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