Since chatting on the Web might be a bit confusing to a newcomer, we've created this introduction to help you.  Part I is if you have trouble logging on and Part 2 is to help you after you have logged on.

PART I  If you cannot gain entrance into our chat room, please note the following:
1.  Make sure your browser is version 3 or higher of Netscape or Microsoft Browser.
2.  Make sure your browser is set to accept Java and Java applets.
3.  If you have recently upgraded your browser, make sure it is set (reset) to accept Java.
4.  If busy, try to reload or wait 2 minutes and then reload. Also trying clearing your cache.
5.  Close out your browser and reload the site. This is the best way to re-init your browser to enter the chat room.

PART II  Each time you go to chat, you will need to provide the following before you can begin chatting:
        1. Your Name
        2. Your Profile (optional)

Then you click on the Volano/Chat button, you’re ready to start chatting! But first, to learn about chatting itself, read on.

The Chat Window

Once you've successfully logged in, you'll see four windows on your screen Private Messages
If you want to send a private message to anyone in your room, simply double click on that person's name and fill in the box with your message. Hit enter and your message will only be seen by the person you sent it to.

A few other things in chat will jump right out at you. First, when there are a lot of chatters in the room, the text will scroll quite fast. Don't let this scare you, just hang in there and you'll learn to follow along in no time. You may also notice that people tend to use abbreviations for frequently used phrases. Here's a few to get you started:

Okay, you're ready to jump in and share. Remember, everyone was once as new to the chat game as you are now. You'll be an old pro in no time.

Go toAFUND Chat to begin chatting, or go back to the top.