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Wall Street, Next Week November 24, 1997





1. We are SELECTIVELY dipping into the US markets for a Thanksgiving rally. However in our view, the US market has come a little too far, too fast and some some problems may exist on select world bourses. DIJA 7777 or 8000, Resistance or Support is to be established. Therefore we recommend buy stocks, not markets.

BUY: DOW Dogs BA, GM; TSE Stars SNE, AJL; January Effect Stocks

DIJA: S1 7777 S2 7722 S3 7540 - R1 7950 R2 8000 R3 8100

BONDS: 6% YIELD not sustainable - Sell.

FYI, an alternate opinion follows:

2. Arch Crawford, editor of Crawford Perspectives [ycgn15b@prodigy.com/Fax 212-535-6202] has issued a serious warning about next week:

"Nov 27 = Foreign markets active? Something happens, Sun-Venus-Pluto combo as Mars squares Saturn. Our market closed for Thanksgiving.

Nov. 29 = New Moon conjunction Pluto exact in R.A. Saturday. Large negative announcements over a weekend?

December 1 = Sun square previous Eclipse point Monday.

November 26 to December 2 we expect a retest of earlier LOW in stock markets, maybe even LOWER?! Near A BUY?"

3. Just as in 1997 the world focus was on the Asian Market crisis and in 1995 on Mexico, beginning mid 98, the world may well witness a major Canadian ECONOMIC/POLITICAL CRISIS that will take at least a year to resolve. While nothing is certain in this world except death and taxes, and not always the latter, the risk/reward for investing in Canada before the Fall of 1999 is EXTREMELY POOR. Canadian Bonds and the Canadian Dollar are MAJOR Sells.

We strongly recommend that Canadians internationally diversity their RSP to the maximum 20% allowed, and as much as possible diversify their entire portfolio to 50% non-Canadian assets. Those Canadian stocks one continues to hold should be in those industries which will benefit from cheaper Canadian dollar and have low debt as Canadian interest rates will obviously have to rise to defend its dollar. However, companies with major international holdings will have some protection, while those that are highly export driven with low debt may prosper from this crisis. Also not adversely affected will be agricultural or natural resources holdings. While I believe the end results will be an incredible bargain in Canadian banks, bonds and real estate, until then, much serious damage may be done to individual portfolios.


1. DIVERSIFY Stock Portfolios internationally, preferable to Europe more than Asia, or the Americas.

2. SELL Canadian bonds, bank stocks, Reits

3. Buy POT (Potash Saskatchewan), which is a favorite of many portfolio managers as it may benefit from El Nino.

4. Buy JEM (Journey's End/Unihost) as the tourist industry will continue to benefit both from the cheaper Canadian dollar and an increased number of American visitors who wish to avoid terrorist attacks abroad.

5. Buy IHI (International Hi-Tech Industries) for obvious reasons.

6. Into the longer term (1999), natural resource stocks will outperform e.g. N (Inco) and

7. If you have no current gold exposure, buy majors such as ABX ( Barrick Gold), which are also in a position to benefit from the current low price of gold (by buying distressed gold assets and mines cheaply).

4. Haven't seen IHI trade yet, any news?

HW: Yes, IHTIF Nasdaq small cap listing seems to be on again in the next two weeks. That was the reason for the past halt on the VSE.

Your service is informative but often too cryptic for me to follow all you are saying. For example in a recent report you refer to Friday's full moon signaling a V3 day. What's a V3 day? I might deduce that with the moon full in Taurus that it's a positive but it would be more useful to know for sure what you are referring to. What does Pivot 7500 P1 7222 and P2 6950 or P1 7665 and 7722 mean?

HW: V= Volatility V3 highest e.g. market expiration or Full Moons and Eclipses

One Buy or Sell for short term traders

Two Buy or Sells for intermediate term traders

Three Buy or Sells for long term traders or investors

P1 P2 P3 First second and third price targets given on a closing basis. However, as traders, clearly there are clearly better entries and exits during the day.

:) hi. couldn't resist upon reading your Alert to: SELL SELL 7510 AVERAGE BUY 7540 holding over weekend. You really got yourself covered on that one!

HW: I suppose we should have bought a straddle or played volatility to follow that advice. Instead we hedged long Japan and covered around our 16,000 November trading Pivot. In spite of Chris Cadbury's warning, we felt the risk/reward over the past weekend was good enough to risk a losing trade. Then we doubled our SHORT at 7722 , our P3 positions (average 7631), which we could have closed even on Wednesday, but didn't. :( Instead we suffered losses on close Wednesday. Our system suggested to short bonds at 119.14, which we are positionally holding for a projected 1 point profit..... Aren't you glad you asked?


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