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Wall Street, Next Week November 17, 1997






Given the risk/reward of WSNW Alert #23: "Sell the market above 7510.", we held our positions given the twin market threats of Japan and Iraq. We do not see the Thanksgiving rally beginning before next week. So unless you are a bottom picker or are impatient to own GM, SONY etc. stay on the sidelines until November 24 or market close of options expiration Friday November 21.

However, our friend Chris Cadbury is quite insistent that the SP 500 wants to reach 1000 by December. He is tracking extreme money flow bullishness and hence any and all bearish positions this week are on yellow alert.

2. We are now offering a hybrid delivery service of emailing our newsletters and faxing alerts. If you would like to convert your subscription, just send me an email with your fax number.

3. Comdex (11/17-21) this week highlights tech stocks and this publicity often is a short term top for well promoted small cap techs. My gut feeling is that Christmas sales will be somewhat disappointing, so buy/sell accordingly by avoiding companies that have large exposure to the retail market.

4. We are delighted to see financial astrology receiving ever increasing press coverage. Larry Jacobs, editor of TRADERSWORLD, send me the following email: "I thought that you would be very interested in this current issue coming out. For some reason it is full of astrology articles. You might mention this to your subscribers to CLICK HERE to visit our website and sign up for a free trial issue."

5. I notice that physical gold seems to be holding above $300, and also that there has been no insider trading reported in any of the gold stocks. All indicators seem bullish, but will it take my grandson to see the fruits of these holdings?

FYI - www.stocksmart has updated insider trading info.

HW: No. $400+ gold is coming, but not THIS Xmas. In the meantime enjoy your gold holdings as cheap defensive portfolio insurance over the long term. Well before December 2007, the Central Banks will have run out of Gold to sell.

Just want to ask your opinion for Hong Kong. Do you think Hong Kong will challenge its low point, which was set in Oct, next week before climbing to 13,000? How does the outlook for HK astrologically for the rest of Nov.?

HW: We do not cover every market all the time in Wall Street, Next Week. This sort of information is available in our far more expensive institutional version should you require it. That being said, we believe in selling when everyone else is buying e.g. Hang Seng this Summer and buying when everyone is selling e.g. Hang Seng this Fall.

<< What do you mean exactly with V3 day close to market open, e.g. taking a position after market opens and taking full profit of a big up move that same day or taking position earlier and that big move should occur right after market opens?

HW: This depends on where the market is on Thursday close and whether we have open short positions and the risk/reward of such a play. Alternately, we will watch Friday closely


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