I will be tracking the year long stock picks/pans of the Astrologers Fund 1998 forecast here. These are for demonstration purposes only to show the value of financial astrology. See also AFUND UNIT INVESTMENT TRUST. Short and Intermediate term tracking may be found at 1998 WSNW ALERT TRACKING and STOCK OF THE MONTH CLUB respectively.

Remember: Always check with your licensed financial advisor or broker before acting upon the recommendations of the Astrologers Fund.

May 4, 1998 UPDATE


  1. Two Winter Eclipses: February 26 (Solar); March 13 (Lunar)
  2. Three Summer Eclipses: August 8 (Lunar); August 21 (Solar) and September 6 (Lunar)
  3. The Saturn-Neptune waning square: June 25 and October 31 (final pass April 99)


While both eclipses temporarily stopped the market momentum, the DJIA exceeded our 8500 year high target. Just as daily DJIA movement is now 100 points (2X previous 50 point moves), DJIA went to 9200 (2X 8500 limit). Did the US market peak at the end of April and the European at the beginning of April? We have built repeated shorts at the 9170/9200+ level. While intraday they are profitable, the intermediate term profit is yet to be seen.


Our favorite and least favorite countries to invest in 1998:

ITA 10.750:14.50 Up 35, although less than the 46% Stellar Performance first quarter, after downgrading by JP Morgan from outperform.

AMEX EWI 20 1/16:26 15/16.50 vs AMEX-EWC 13 5/16:15.25


Our most and least favorite DJIA stocks:

GM 60 5/8:68.9/16 vs HWP 62 1/2:74.

Note: AFUND "managed" buy target for GM was 55 (it reached 55 1/6).

Note: Pru buy recommendation propelled HWP to strong performance this past month; we believe it will retreat.


Our favorite and least favorite Tech stocks from a cosmic value perspective:

Novl 7 1/2:9 15/16 vs AOL 89 1/4:167 (83 1/2 x 2).

Note: AOL has managed to do well after its split, will it do as well after Saturn/Neptune May 25th?

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