A review of our 1997 Forecast and 1997 Mid Year Forecast is a rewrite of my biography from our March 11 top call 6 months in advance to the day to the Asian market crisis, Blue Monday and Happy Tuesday to the minute.

Revealing somewhat less, broadly speaking, among the many astronomical phenomena affecting world events and the markets, 3 primary planetary events are especially noteworthy in 1998:

The first eclipse pair will most likely demark a big market drop or another market top. While the Sun is in late Aquarius and Pisces, we are also on alert for a major MidEast political crisis to ignite.

The Summer Eclipses may trigger at least one mini-crash. See our 1998 Mid Year Forecast for details.

The third celestially marks a "rock (Saturn) on a cloud (Neptune)" and will contribute to ending the speculative bubble of current markets. The press will talk about both recession and deflation. However, we also have minor Jupiter/Neptune and Jupiter/Uranus aspects so the press will also talk about inflation and more high-tech mania. That is to say, despite some price decreases, we will continue to have quality of life inflation. To quote our communication director, Susan Hahn: "Today you have to be rich to live a middle class lifestyle." Specific industry sectors to avoid include drug stocks, airlines, many REITS, glamour stocks, high end retailers and some entertainment stocks which will mostly fall out of bed by this Summer to Fall.

P.S. Don't be surprised when a few more fairy tale emerging market dreams (Neptune) crash back to earth (Saturn).

1998 Market pivots 7611 and 7722

Major Technical Support areas are 7230, 6950 and 6390; Resistance at 8000,8260 and 8500.

[For a preview of the next MAJOR market paradigm (Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in 5/28/00) see my book INVESTING BY THE STARS].



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