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Recently Canada has been one of our favorite countries to invest.
Aided by the cheap Canadian dollar, energy and resources will outperform, and select exporting manufacturing companies, entertainment and tourism will be highly profitable. Until then, be prepared to buy if/when there is any BLOOD in the (BAY) STREETS. We believe it will weather any upcoming economic storms relatively well. Until any correction (from south of its border) we continue to recommend caution as value is not everywhere.

Unlike previous years, we are now delighted to inform our Canadian friends and clients that the grass is finally greener at home! No more "The worst is yet to come" as in 1997 and 1998. In 2000-2002, Canada will be one of the better performing global markets.  The energy and the natural resource sectors have recovered. (I well remember the look in the Alberta Oil men's eyes when I told them last Winter that oil was going to surpass its 1998 highs (after forecasting it to first collapse after October 98 to multi-year lows.)  Gold reached our $325 target last October and is slated to go higher.  On a 2 year basis, even the Loonie will slightly outperform the US$.  So where to invest?


1. Tech stars such as Nortel (NT), Corel (CORL) and ATI Technology (ATYT) are potential winners to watch.

2. Into the longer term (2002), energy, natural resource and precious metal stocks will outperform, e.g. Talisman (TLM), Inco (N) and ABX (Barrick Gold (ABX).

3. Canadian Real Estate or high yielding REITS are a logical choice.

4. Buy IHI (International Hi-Tech Industries) and STOX.COM for obvious reasons (they are both my clients).

The horoscope of the new Canadian Venture Exchange (CVE) which opened at Monday November 29 is rather interesting.  It has Scorpio rising, Sun Pluto conjunct in the First House, Venus opposite Jupiter, a Mars Neptune South Node conjunction along with a Mercury-Uranus-Saturn T square.   Wonder what their astrologer was thinking?
On its first day of trading, the CDNX Index closed at 1998 down 2 while the DJIA was down 40.
The second day it closed at 1985 down 13, while the DJIA was down 70.
These results as sooo bad, I am beginning to think they didn't even USE an astrologer! :)

I wish to make very clear the following point:
While Canada is one of my favorite post Y2K countries, I would NOT be rushing to put fresh money there TODAY except on a very selective basis. With the TSE approaching 8000, many Canadian stocks have relatively little upside potential.  We will buy them AFTER corrections or alternately, trade in a hedged manner, e.g. Buy CORL/Sell MSFT.

For our recommended timing and best price for each purchase as well as 2001 price targets, Wall Street, Next Week subscribers should go to our premium channel post: AFUND CANADA 20.

Remember always to check with your licensed financial planner or broker before acting upon the recommendations of the Astrologers Fund, Inc. This is just the starting point of your research. and you must carefully investigate before you buy/or sell.
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