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We are here posting our ongoing analysis of our client, AFTI.

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First Trade:
Incorporation: November 16, 1998 Carson City, Nevada
Headquarters: Bellevue, Washington
Birth data of Principals:
President: Graham Andrews  September 17, 1954 4 pm England
CTO: Tony McNamara  August 02, 1965
Web site:
Investor Relations:  Email Investor Relations  Phone: 425-785-6794


First impressions: Graham Andrews is a very bright guy [he holds a first class honors degree in mathematics from Oxford University and a Ph.D. in mathematics from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh], and was able to follow and respond in real time to my NYC rapid fire [gigabyte] transmission questioning. :) is a software and technology developer, particularly in the areas of security and encryption, databases, and Internet communications.  They provide solutions for other companies in e-commerce and Internet problems. One critical asset is their database and middleware expertise, both of which are in overwhelming demand.

They will be technologically incubating Internet companies. Current divisions are: is a specialized recruiting site for companies searching for IT personnel. It incorporates powerful software tools for searching its own proprietary database of technical personnel and rapidly finding the exact match with the recruiters' job specifications.

SafeMessage provides a high security, limited persistence, guaranteed status messaging service that is aimed at the growing market of people who like the convenience and speed of email but are concerned about its security. The product is aimed not only at the corporate intranet market, but is also designed for anyone desiring enhanced communication security.
     A beta version will be launched in May with a full commercial launch expected in the third quarter of 2000. We see two incredible rich spin-offs: One tailored to the Finance industry, Swiss Messaging ["safe and secure from all eyes"], and one tailored to the adult industry,
Discrete Messaging [this could be the "Holy grail" for the porno industry].  I believe Discrete Messaging by itself could easily justify a $10 stock price if accepted as a porno industry standard.

Internet Incubators like CMGI and AFTI represent a way of lessening risk of portfolio holdings according to some analysts. The key is the quality of the incubator's management. Both their horoscopes and professional qualificationss should be the starting point of your research. plans to list on Nasdaq later this year.

AstroTechnicals: AFTI Stock Price or Detailed Stock Price

AFTI was our March Microcap Pick of the Month*.  It seems inevitable that their projected Nasdaq listing will $4.00 an effective floor price, with $10 the decision selling price. Until there is major news, we see this stock trading in a $3.00 to $10 range, with a bias to the up side.   S1: 3,  S2: 4,  S3: 5      R1: 6  R2: 8,  R3: 10

* "Our Microcap pick AFTI or ABSOLUTEFUTURES.COM could  become a  mini-CMGI.
Our intermediate term price target is $10 if Nasdaq stays above 4000, $6 if above 3000, $4 if above 2000.
However, if Nasdaq is below 2000, then AFTI will either go to $1 or $10 for reasons we will explain a later time."


Q & A

READER: When I was reading all the literature about AFTI-the comments repeatedly were that as there were a lot of competitors with a lot more funds that was going to be the hard part for the company -- do you think that is a concern?
HW: Once I study their horoscope I will have an opinion.  In the meantime, all I can say is I believe AFTI's financial astrologer is probably superior! :)

READER: I don't know. You only have to breathe on a stock this year and it moves! Congratulations.  Re AFTI, I am really concerned about the comment you made re it could go to $1.00-should I be worried?
HW: There is always risk, especially as today's markets are totally, totally insane.  At any moment, markets could tumble.  This is why I advise taking 50% profit of each trade and keeping it in CASH.
PS Right now my horoscope is on fire (Jupiter/Uranus conjunct my 1999 Solar Return Midheaven).

First AFTI Post:  First Impressions

Disclaimer: The Astrologers Fund Inc., its director, employees and its clients  maintain positions in this stock.  In addition, AFTI is a corporate client and advertiser on our web site.  While we do not actively trade AFTI stock as it is an intermediate term hold for us, it can be of  benefit to us when others buy or sell its stock.  Always do your own research and check with your licensed financial advisor or broker before buying or selling on the recommendations of the Astrologers Fund, Inc.
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