Thank you for joining the beta launch of the WEINGARTEN website and blog.   

Given that “Form follows function” I am laying the foundation for what I envision to become an entertaining, informative and unique wine site.  As I uncover more of my wine voice, I plan to relaunch it with more functionality and aesthetics. 

Why Wine, Finance & Astrology? 

The most apparent is my last name; Weingarten or “Wine” “Garden”.  In ancient times, it was the practice to grow grapes (along with olives) in walled protected wine gardens.  Perhaps I am being called by ancestral memories? 

But a truer answer might be that Wine, Finance & Astrology is how I occupy most of my time.

I will be writing my wine posts according to one or more of these three personal core interests. 


Many oenophiles claim that “Wine is a living thing.”  If so, it has a horoscope as it is born in a moment of time.  In fact just as a horoscope is a map of Time and Place, so too is wine a combination of Vintage (Time) and Terroir (Place).  As a consulting astrologer, I was trained early in my career to help clients answer the question “Why Was I born”.

I believe this question is also central to wine making and wine drinking. I want to know “Why did the wine maker make this particular wine this way?” I gave some historical perspective to this in my original post THE PURPOSE OF WINE.  I believe the answer to this question is the most important information that should be provided on every wine label. 


I plan to cover the potential monetary rewards of various aspects of the wine trade. Needless to say, I don’t believe becoming a wine maker is the easiest or most profitable way to make a living! I will be discussing wine finance with both public and private investments in wine. I am also in the early stages of exploring the concept of cooping or adopting a few special artisanal wineries globally with a time share model. 

Given our forecast for a slowing of China growth this summer, will it provide at least a short term respite to the crazy HK/China wine auction frenzy?  I believe it will.  As for the fundamentals of supply and demand, they are two track:

               I.      The oversupply of everyday wines is expected to continue into 2012 on the one hand and

             II.      An ongoing potential shortfall for fine and especially rare trophy wines.  

Global outsourcing trends also apply to table wines.  A well known example is California vs. Burgundy for Pinot Noir replaced by Oregon and then in turn replaced by New Zealand.  Similarly is the greater value offered by Spanish Rose vs. French Provence Rose.  And then there is China!  


My approach approximates my philosophy of stock market investing; I am a cosmic value investor.  I like to buy the best undervalued stocks (wines) and be ahead of the curve by forecasting emerging trends (discovery wines).   While I attend nearly 100 tastings a year, I will report primarily on those wine stories that I find personally most interesting in the New York wine scene and beyond —work work work J 


Please see my latest post reviewing the recent 4th Annual NY Wine Expo February 25-27, 2011 at http://www.afund.com/wine/publictaste.html.

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