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2005 top forecasts include gold's rally to 487 and then 500, the mid-April market panic, the US dollar's retest of lows in Q1 and strong rally in Q2 and foreign market outperformance of US markets especially Japan (up 40%), Korea (up 54%) and Canada (21%). Other successful forecasts by Henry Weingarten include his US-Iraq war forecast made in 2000, how the Nov 8. 2003 lunar eclipse affected Australia and UK to change the course of global interest rates as well the strength of the Indian and Japanese markets in 2003. In 2004, he predicted gold's rally to $450 in Q4 2004 and continuing US dollar weakness: Specific forecasts include the Nikkei reaching 12,000, the C$ rally from .67 to .80, the A$ to .80 in Q1 2004 and the Euro to 133 in Q4 2004.
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In 2002, Mr. Weingarten's successful forecasts range from the Full Moon July 24 DJIA and S& P rally, the biggest in 15 years to the decline of the US Dollar/rise of the Euro past par and gold's stellar rise to past $300 and $325. He forecast the October 10th "July 24th-like bottom", the market's largest two-day gain since March 2000, and his call for the bottom in the US economy in Q2 from the previous March top 2001 (also forecast) seems to be on target.

In 2001, Mr. Weingarten's successful forecasts include the drop of the Tokyo market below 12,222, several "surprise" interest rate cuts, and two dramatic calls to stay the course: the first in March and the second in mid September.  The results? April was the largest US stock market rise in 10 years! And your portfolio, I am sure, remembers the strong rally into the beginning of January 2002. For 2000, noted financial astrologer Henry Weingarten's timely forecasts included the Nasdaq correction of 2000 and many key specific 2000 dates such as April 14 Nasdaq drop as well as Happy Friday October 13th Nasdaq rally, May 3/5, May 22 and previously, the July 20, 1998 DJIA market top to the day, the 1997 Hong Kong and Asian Market Crises, Blue Monday, the March 11 DJIA top six months in advance to the day and the October 28 337 point rally to the minute! He also called the Tokyo  Market Crash, U.S. Mideast War, the failure of the Russian Coup, the day DJIA broke 3000, the day GOLD broke 400 and the October 1999 Gold Rally, the '89 mini-crash, precise dating of the onset of the last official recession, its nature and its end, the days of the ‘94 and '99 Federal Reserve reversals  and course, and BOTH 1995 MEXICAN CRISES and the day of the first "recovery",  the First '95 Dollar Crisis, and "recovery", the 1998 Oil collapse and 1999 recovery, the decline of the Euro after its 1999 birth and its reversal May 2000, etc.
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Henry Weingarten, was the founder of the NEW YORK SCHOOL OF ASTROLOGY and the NY ASTROLOGY CENTER and has been a professional astrologer for over forty years. Since May 2, 1988, he has been the Managing Director of the ASTROLOGERS FUND INC., which employs Astrology as the primary analysis tool to manage investment funds and advise institutional investors and money managers worldwide.

He is internationally known as the author and editor of many fine astrological publications. A former editor of THE AQUARIAN AGENT and ASTROLOGY ['76-'81] magazines, Mr. Weingarten has also written INVESTING BY THE STARS, THE STUDY OF ASTROLOGY, and his forthcoming TRADING BY THE STARS. He writes a weekly email newsletter: WALL STREET, NEXT WEEK and is on-line at .

He lectures at astrological and financial conferences worldwide and appears frequently on TV and radio talk shows. Mr. Weingarten was a professional microcomputer systems designer and taught computer science at the New School in New York. From 1982-1994, he was president of ASI Computers.  Mr. Weingarten passed both Series 3 and Series 65 exams, and has a BS in mathematics with a minor in psychology from NYU. 


From BARRON'S NOV. 12, 1990:
"Press releases kept on file at Barron's confirm Weingarten's clairvoyancy in predicting the 1990 crash of the Tokyo STOCK market, and he has made equally timely forecasts about the Dow's reaching 3000, the resurgence of OPEC, the downward drift of the NYSE, and our current dip into what even Alan Greenspan is treating like a recession."

From Dan Dorfman, Financial Columnist, USA Today Jul. 26, 1993
"...(Weingarten has) made some excellent predictions in the past. Among them: the collapse of the Japanese market, the beginning and end of the last recession, the recent gold surge, and our war with Iraq."

From Wayne Faust, Quick Nikkei News, April 3, 1997
"...People say you can't time the markets, but we can and do market time" Weingarten says. A few more calls like the one he made on the Dow'stop and those critics will all but disappear."

From BARRON'S JAN. 01, 2001
Had investors last year listened to Henry Weingarten, managing director of the Astrologers Fund, which provides financial advice and commentary, they would have cashed out of stocks when the Nasdaq hit 5000.  Then they would have been up17% on the year (as was his model portfolio) instead of down nearly 40% like that tech-heavy index."

From Neil Cavuto FOX NEWS April 21, 2005
"What if I told you there was a guy who predicted we would tumble all these hundreds of points going into today then rebound    today. And what if I told stock charts really didn’t tell him, the stars did...BELIEVE IT AND BELIEVE HIM...When you were here a few weeks you accurately predicted this downdraft that would result in about 800 or 900 points...”

From Gayle Essary  Investrend March 20, 2006

"Weingarten in our view, and based on his phenomenal accuracy over the past two years we have carried his comments, is first and foremost the number one market timer on the Street today."  

Note: Mr. Weingarten is available for Press, Radio and TV interviews.

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