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Financial Astrology for the Successful Investor and Trader

2. WC Fields  IPOS

Kudos to Alan for finally looking ahead to the Jupiter/Neptune future instead of backwards to the Saturn/Neptune past.  This is why inflation-adjusted bonds should be included in the mix for any new purchases of US debt equity.  The markets will not ignore the record U.S. Trade Deficit forever.

Last week there was no WSNW due to the 7th Annual Astrology and Stock Market Conference in New York.  [Next years is May 18-21, 2000: mark your calendar]. Subscribers may visit our website for an update to our MAY 1999 Global Forecasts included in Friday night's presentation.

The most memorable conference personal highlight/trade was Norman Winski's insightful analysis of Jupiter in Taurus to short  cattle futures  (Taurus = Cattle; Jupiter = abundance = oversupply = Sell; ).  This could suggest that the US will lose the banana/beef war with the EU.  Since no sane person wants to eat hormones in supposedly hormone free beef, this may result in a short term oversupply until the Beef industry discovers Albania as a great new consumer market (who ever said the people of the Balkans acted rationally)? Another possible scenario and hope for AG guys is that NATO will use the same smart bomb technology tested in Serbia against Dutch dairy farms to "seriously degrade" the Dutch dairy industry -  destroying just the cows and dairy farm equipment with little collateral damage....

All Financial Astrologers know the forthcoming Jupiter/Neptune aspect series will impact the Oil and Natural Gas markets this year. But many it seems are overlooking some very special global opportunities. Last week, for example, the International Castor OIL Exchange was launched by the BOOF (Bombay Oilseed and Oils Exchange). The Indian federal government is putting pressure on BOOF to trade in US dollars.  This will save any US speculators the trouble of deciding which will be worth less this time next year - the Indian Rupee or the US Dollar!

Sunday's Full Moon with its Mars Jupiter opposition could represent BUY AND HOLD investors' LAST CHANCE to EXIT markets with obscene profits this year.  Dont say Alan and Henry didn't warn you!
Don't let any pre-memorial day rallies become memorials to your investment portfolio!

DATE: May 30.
DJIA:  10,500-10,800 testing

2.  Traditionally, it has not been easy to get a piece of an IPO. The shares are usually off-limits because brokerages sock them away for their wealthiest clients and large institutional investors. Not anymore.  William Hambrecht, one of the pioneers in the field, said his company's Web-based system helps ensure that '"a bid from an individual has the same standing as a bid from the largest institutional investor in the world.''

Don't join any club that would accept you as a member, it can't be that good! :)

3.  According to our inside contacts the Japanese banking crisis shows no signs of ameliorating. If anything, it's getting worse.

"Following last week's news that Origami Bank had folded, we are hearing that Sumo Bank has gone belly up and Bonsai Bank plans to cut back some of its branches. Karaoke Bank is up for sale and is (you guessed it)! going for a song.  Meanwhile, shares in Kamikaze Bank have nose-dived and 500 back office staff at Karate Bank got the chop. Analysts report that there is something fishy going on at Sushi Bank and staff there fear they may get a raw deal."
HW: Apparently, things are worse than even we thought!

4. "A portfolio without gold is a luxury you can no longer afford." The World Gold Council
HW:  The cheapest long term protection against the eventual US Dollar decline is GOLD.

5. READER: Do you think market is getting the feel of 1987 which all the brokers say could never happen again?
HW: More like 1929 to me.

READER: I didn't receive a WSNW this week -- did you put one out?  I hope your conference went well.
HW:  No and Yes.  See MAY 2000 CONFERENCE for early registration and conference program updates.

READER: I am hoping the $1.00 mark [for IHI] will be overcome and we can see a new base territory. I told my broker again about the company and met with total skepticism so I will be very excited to tell him the day it goes above a level like $5.00! I am sure with the amount you have champagne will flow in your house at that level. I'm confused about the dates in this commentary. Noted are the dates for only the month and day -- not the year. It'd be great if, in the future, you included the year in all references to date.
HW:  NOTE: Canada was upgraded from an underperform to market perform after the post you mention.  We will try to include more time/date stamping in future.

READER: Henry I would like to short AOL and would like get your thoughts on this as to when it might be a good time to do this. Thanks
HW: Any time AOL approaches our short of 150. Our trading motto is: "Be there first"; we are not good trend followers, so I cannot say exactly where you should short between 135-141, but only, that over the intermediate term, we expect to see AOL testing 100 -110.

READER: I am curious about a couple of things...for instance when you say "key dates" in May...are those days to be in or out of the market...and what days are the "green days" in May and how can you identify them by an astro or market chart.  Do you have software that identifies these green, red and yellow dates for sale?
Also, what do you mean about May 14, 18, 21 and what transits are you looking at when you identify those dates...
HW:  We color code days on our daily market commentary in our Gold channel.  As to which specific transits we use to make these decisions, that information is proprietary nor we do not sell our computer modeling system to the public.

READER: Do you have any good recommendations for penny gold stocks? Will these stocks move as fast as the price of gold or will they lag behind the bigger gold stocks?
HW: We find the price of major gold stocks so cheap that we are NOT interested in penny gold stocks at present.  However, perhaps after this summer i.e., AFTER the big XAU stocks move first.

READER: and where is AOL now??????? you never admit that your wrong, that's your problem.
HW: Of course we are sometimes wrong, just far less than the average bear.  Besides, we trade AOL and it is usually down from our short sales again and again.  We trade, not buy and hold internut stocks. Since clients are making money on these shorts, I don't consider this approach wrong or a problem. Holding AOL for "the long term" as you do, however, I do consider wrong and your problem.

READER; You say -- short each 100 point rally.  My question is from what point on the DJIA does one go short?  I think you are expecting a down open.
HW: No, this is not a forecast for an up or down open.  My advice in this case was if/when the DJIA is up 90/110 points sell, or calculate that number from yesterday's close and place your bet accordingly.

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