Cheeky Wine Quiz
Second Wines
Epiphany Wines
Wine & Health: Wine Therapy?
Wine & Global Warming: Every degree of warming has the effect of moving vineyards 200km south!
Wine & Spirituality: The Zen of Wine plus Wine Meditations
The Tao of Wine
Wine Wisdom: On Aging
    Like people, wines develop character and individuality with the passage of time. Also, like people, wines today have the ability to age better and longer than in former times. 
Wine Wisdom: Grape Psychology
Wine, Sex & Markets: A multidimensional synchronistic approach
Organic & Authentic Wine Making  Until my take on this subject is posted you may read: The Battle for Wine and Love or How I saved the World from Parkerization by Alice Feiring
My favorite wine berries: Pinot Love: Burgundy, Oregon & New Zealand and Shall We Dance: Argentina & Malbec 
Sake and Chinese rice wine
Wine & Dreams
Wine Buying 101:  Buying Every day Wines and Fine Wines: 
Life is too short to drink bad wine
       Specialist shops vs supermarkets and hypermarkets; Expressing the shopping gene in clicks & mortar.
Wine Buying 201:  Buying Special Wines: Honoring
"Wine is bottled poetry." (Robert Louis Stevenson)
Wine Buying 202:  Adopting a winery or a family of wineries
Wine Wednesdays: Wine, Cheese and Information flow
Wine & Food:  "A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine."
Anthelme Brillat Savarin
Food & Wine Celebrations
The Weingarten Fund
The Weingarten Global Wine Index
The Weingarten Wine Approach:
 Just as astrologers study horoscopes which are maps of time and place, and market technicians analyze markets from a Time and Price (Place)           perspective,  I reinforce the classic value proposition of analyzing wine from the both the viewpoint of Time (Vintage) and Place (Terroir).