We began with a guided tasting on the theme of Burgundy “Climat”:

“It is the Burgundian expression of the notion of “Terroir”.  “Climats” are precisely delimited plots that enjoy particular geological and climatic conditions which, when combined with traditional working practices and translated by the two grape varietals – Pinot Noir for red wines and Chardonnay for whites have given rise to an extraordinary patchwork for world renowned wines, ranked according to a hierarchy.” 

Fortunately, beyond the 32 Grand Cru, there are only 684 Climats of Premiers Crus. This potentially reduces my study time in half as otherwise I might have researched the over 1200 Climats across all levels of appellation! When one reader wrote  “I ONLY drink French and Italian wines!”, I thought this was specifically due to the superior quality of these wines. Now I wonder if the actual reason is that they don’t have enough free time to drink and study more than this! :) 

WEINGARTEN “Cliff Notes” Summary

Want to know more? E-learning available at “Discovering Burgundy Wines”   


QUALITY & VALUE is the focus of the WEINGARTEN wine blog. Many wines are wonderful in their own backyard, but when I evaluate a wine, one key judgment is: “Would I would drink (and buy) it in New York?” Anyone can buy a $100 Cote de Beaune and not worry. For example, one of the best wines at the tasting was the $150 Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru 2008 Domaines ROUX Pere & Fils. While very drinkable and pleasant, as most $100+ wines are, I believe the answer to the question of whether I can find better value elsewhere is Yes.  

These wines are made not be drunk, but tasted and appreciated.”- David Moreau
Irene felt the best value wines were from Santenay.  Her favorite winery was David Moreau. Specifically, their Santenay 1st Cru Clos des Mouches 2009 ($50) Curvee “S” (Special). What to accompany the delicious fruit of these 75 year old vines? Irene claims it is the perfect wine to drink with chocolate chip cookies!

For me, the most interesting tasting was comparing two otherwise identical 2008 Cote de Nuits Village wines from Domaine Henri Naudin-Ferrand, one with stems and one without (Viola odorata).  I was surprised to definitely prefer the stronger character of the former coming from not desteming for vinification.  I also found their Eschezeaux Grand Gru 2008 and Ladois 1st Cru la Corvee 2008 ($80) both lovely artisanal wines. Their Motto: “Choose freedom radically.”  No wonder I liked their wines! Possible apologies to Shaw. 

WINE EDUCATION Review #1 http://www.afund.com/wine/nywine.html


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