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3.   A Crash Course In Pinot Noir Regions Around the World
New York is truly blessed with a plethora of options for experiencing and learning about wine.  In August, I had the pleasure to audit a wine class at Nancy’s Wine AOC.   On Thursday evenings they offer guided wine tastings from 7 to 8.30.  Topics vary according to both staff interests and wines seasonably in the store.   My first class was led by Jeremy Kaplan on THE OTHER GRAPES OF SPAIN.
This experience was less like a formal class and more like having a wine coach or a very friendly sharing among wine lovers.  Clearly, the goal is find to new wines you would like to drink.  Nancy’s is a destination wine store originally known for their Riesling selection. Today they stock many affordable everyday wines in the $10 to $30 range, often from small artisanal selections. My class tasted six wines.  We began with the well known Gazela Vino Verde NV $6.99 but drinkable.  Another simple Vinho Verdo followed- these are good picnic wines from Portugal. They are light, tasty and slightly effervescent. (Yes, the instructor knew this was not Spanish- so we expanded our class subject matter to  to “Iberian peninsula” wines.) The best wine was a very smooth andexcellent Adabia da Cova (Mencia) 2009  Ribeira Sacra ($28.99).
These classes cost $35 ($60 for two) for the tastings.  However, you receive a $35 (or $60) store voucher or one month wine club membership, a $50 value. Essentially, the wine tasting AND class is free.  There is a further 15% if you order any of the tasting wines. Plus, it is store policy to offer a 25% discount for a full case.
 Jeremy Kaplan then added a 7th tasting - 4 sherries of different character. That didn’t change my preference:  I still prefer Port and Madeira! I am looking forward to another class or “wine sharing”. Any Thursday evening you find yourself on the upper west side near 313 Columbus (74-75th St) , consider stopping by.  Visit their website http://aocfinewines.com or Nearsay.com for the current tasting class.
4.  September 12 Vini Di Sicilia: While I enjoyed tasting several [Mt] Etna Red Wines (Nerelllo Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio) for their distinctive minerality, none tasted seemed fully ready to compete in prime time over their many formidable Italian competitors.
At DSWE Annual Grand Portfolio tasting September 13 at the Four Seasons restaurant, there were abundant pleasures too numerous to mention to be sipped.  I began with Nicholas Joly, the Coulee de Serrant  2009 ($70). A fully flavorful Chenin Blanc, it remains the classic flagship for what biodynamic wines can achieve. Next, I enjoyed a complete selection of Tokaji Azsu wines, the Hungarian national treasure which will soon be imported into the US.  Their top of the line classic sweet wine ($100) will surely become a favorite at cigar bars around New York.
Personally I am not much for "wine branding".  However, I cannot but admire the Broadbent selection (Portugal, Austria, Argentina).  Their simple Malbec 2009 Mendoza ($10) is what one remembers of good quality yet inexpensive Argentina wine just a few years back.  Their Vino Verde $8 was not as good or distinctive (what can you expect for $8?). However, don’t  forget their Madeira line IS worthy of attention.
Brazil today on the world stage reminds me of Argentina 10 years ago.  Historically, the wineries were mostly founded by Italians and the wine makes are passionate.
Two facts: They love blends and they love sparkling wine- no surprise given this is Brazil.
Almost all wineries are in the south of Brazil (close to Urguary) in Serra gaucha. Three selections follow:
·  On the fun side, Vinicola Aurora Brazil Soul Moscatel NV ($11.99) is an inexpensive sweet, fruit picnic wine.
·  Casa Valduga Reserva Cabernet Franc 2007 ($16.99) Bordeaux: This lingers slightly beyond the initial sip.  
Bottom line: Wines of Brazil claims to be South America's best-kept wine secret- I think the secret is now out. :) 
5. BOOK REVIEW: NAKED WINE by Alice Feiring
My review follows next month, in the meantime, read Naked Wine by Alice Feiring
A woman was sipping on a glass of wine while sitting on the patio with her husband.
She says, "I love you so much. I don't know how I could ever live without you."
Her husband asks, "Is that you or the wine talking?"
She replies, "It's me... talking to the wine."

6. READER: Have you ever tried Georgian red sweet wines?
HW: Yes. Irene brought me a special request bottle from Georgia last year.   But outside of an occasional atmospheric drink at Primorski Restaurant in Brighton Beach, I have not yet been motivated to retaste.
READER: It's an acquired taste, I guess. But not that bad, really. The fermentation process is also different.
HW: Yes, quite a natural fermentation (give link). I didn’t find it bad, but an not motivated to drink it. Were I living in Georgia that might be different or if I want to acclimate and prepare for a visit there.
Wine astrology...what a concept. Is that when you "sample" wine and look through a telescope with your birthday in mind?
HW: Not quite. You time when you drink.  You can also study the vintage from an astrological lens. Ditto the wine maker and vineyard, etc.
READER: You mean there are times that you can't drink ("you time when you drink")?
Perhapshat too . I was referring to the fact that Lunar Cycles can make wine taste better and drinking more enjoyable.
Chateau Moonshine? How the taste of wine is governed by the waxing and waning moon
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