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1. Unfiltered: The Criminally Minded Turn to Wine
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3.  Wine: How do you describe wine smells?
4. August 29 The Annual Champagne Tasting New
This has been an unusually slow summer with few wine tastings. I did make a very pleasant outing to the Paumanok Vineyards (http://www.paumanok.com/) on Long Island. The winery tour by winemaker Kareem Massoud was very well down and informative - When you visit, do make sure you take this tour.  Their signature wine is Chenin Blanc 2010 ($25).
I was going to wait before sending out my blog, but then I read The Daily Sips Tasty July Wines: Best wines we drank this month by Brannack: Paul Dolan Vineyards Pinot Noir, 2007 ($30). This Mendocino pinot noir, made from organically grown grapes, is a gorgeous wine. Filled with aromas and flavors of red berries, cherries, chocolate, smoke, cinnamon, vanilla, and roses, the wine opens and evolves in the glass to keep you coming back for more. Rounded, light to medium bodied and a pleasure to sip, this bottle over delivers on flavor and quality for its price. Buy some before everyone else realizes what a steal it is.
It reminded me of the private wine tasting I had at the Princeton Club in order to select the wines for our Mercury/Venus Hour aka Cocktail hour for our July Triple Gold Conference. We chose three wines for each day, and one of those was this Paul Dolan Pinot Noir, which was my favorite along with my Rioja choice.
Here are our selections from the Princeton Club wine list:
Day 1: Henri Savard Blanc de Blancs ($12), Pierre Sparr Riesling 2008 (14.95), Paul Dolan Pinot Noir 2007 ($30).
Day 2: Matua Sauvignon Blanc 2010 ($12.98), Jean-Luc Columbo Rose 2010 ($10), Rioja Vega Crianza 2007 ($13.99).
All were very pleasant, modest prices (over deliver for the price) and fit our "Summer in the Glass" wine theme.
5. SUMMER READING: "Summer in the Glass" by Evan Dawson.
This is a wonderful read for wine lovers.  It gives a reporter’s analysis of the hardships and triumphs of setting up vineyards in an emerging wine region. He covered the NYS finger lakes and concentrated on Riesling vineyard experimentation.  Thirteen different wineries and winemakers are highlighted.  All are interesting to read one chapter at time.
My only criticism is one weak chapter on the Dr. Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars. One cannot discuss Finger Lakes Riesling without mentioning Dr. Frank.  Its founder, Dr. Konstantin Frank, helped pioneer the introduction of the European vitis vinifera grapevines in the eastern United States. I suspect the weakness is because this happened earlier. With the other twelve wineries, the author was part of the story.  Here by the time he interviewed them, Dr. Frank was already a long  established winery. Unlike the labour of love of the rest of the book, this chapter seemed forced labor without heart.  But this is a minor critique.
This is a wonderful read whether you wish to visit the Finger Lakes or just drink it. Unfortunately, I just missed the book launch party that featured tastings of four of the wineries.  Oh well – tant pis. I may re-read this book next year with a Riesling bottle of each winemaker- a sort of drink and read exercise. 
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6. READER: Henry, is there a list for future Reidel tastings?
HW: They can go to http://www.mortons.com/primeevents/riedel/ to view all upcoming tasting events at Morton's!
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What about the market and Sept. What do you say?
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