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At a Fall Opici tasting, I tasted their Chianti Fiasco or “Straw” Bottle wine. Sadly it did NOT bring back happy early adult memories.  Not only was it made in a modern international style, i.e. insufficient acidity to even counteract pizza, but was also lacking in quality.  I keep asking Chianti producers to give we Baby Boomers a reasonably tasty quality authentic Chianti in a memorable fiasco that we can enjoy and light memories ( candles) in.  To date they refuse so as not to rekindle their past association with cheap wines. Che tristezza- I am positive there is a  substantial and profitable US market for a well-made Chianti packaged in a traditional straw covered flask.
3. WINE 101
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5.  The Chocolate Show
Before attending, I was familiar with some of the classic matches: 100% dark chocolate is ideal with port and milk chocolate goes with Pinot Noir.
However, as fond as I am of Pinot Noir, I was pleased to learn that a MUCH better choice is Cote de Rhone!  Try it!
Also (and obvious in retrospect) as with food, you should try to match the flavoring,  e.g. Chocolate with lemongrass matches with a White such as Riesling.
I plan to attend next year also for informative seminars ranging from Exotic Chocolate and Wine Pairing to Chocolate Breakfast Breads: Revisted to On the Chocolate Trail:  a delicious adventure connecting Jews, Religions, History, Travel, rituals and Recipes to the Magic of Cacao.
Health Alert? Dark vs. Milk chocolate:
All chocolate starts out dark, milk chocolate is simply dairy added to chocolate.  However many believe that dairy negates most health benefits, adds unhealthy fats and has more sugar than dark.
Finally I leave you with the unofficial motto of the Chocolate Show: Life is too short to eat bad chocolate!  (sound familiar?) J
Terroir  There were many “interesting” wines at this tasting.  Four wineries were memorable:
Yves Gangloff  Northern Rhone Wines
Caves Jean Bourdy  Cotes du Jura   2003 Chateau Chalon  $65 bottle  excellent yellow wine
Frank Cornelissen  Mt Etna  and
Frank Givaudin Burgundy  2010 Irancy A wonderful inexpensive pinot noir
[Due to Sandy, the following reports are shorter than they deserve.]
Greenwich Food and Wine festival was a delightful event on a beautiful sunny day.  As expected there was more wine to taste that one could reasonable drink. But the positive surprise (and obvious in retrospect) was the extremely high quality of the local restaurant food choices.  This short train ride to a day away “in the country” is highly recommended.
Around the World in 80 Sips has improved by providing fewer but better every day wines plus a quality VIP section.  A fine date for young wine lovers.
New York City Wine & Food Festival deservedly remains on the must attend list.
Spain’s Great Match WINE FOOD DESIGN was like last year: first class on wine but sadly lacking in the food category.   If you are a wine lover go; if you are a foodie you will be disappointed.
6.  I  This wine matches well with Steak:  a) Cabernet Sauvignon b) Malbec c) Tempranillo d) All of these
II. True/False "You invariably meet intelligent, cultured, interesting people at wine events.”
7.  READER: Thought this might be of interest....
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