September 19-30, I will be a cheerful guest of Wines of Argentina.

I will focus on four themes. Then I plan to write a series of articles/posts on what I learn:

1)    To discover several new “favorite wineries” – For me that is always goal number one for any wine trip;

2)    To find the best Malbecs to match with Steak (even though I don’t personally eat red meat);

3)    To find the best Argentine wines to drink for dancing (Tango naturally) and

4)    To research winery investments in Argentina.

To prepare for my visit, I have been having a “Summer of Argentina”.

Naturally, I have been ordering Malbec wine almost every dining and drinking opportunity.  I have read several books on wine travel there.  I watched the Argentine art film The Student at Moma.  But also important has been studying tango (dance classes as well as reading books).  I went to a wine and tango party at Strictly Tango NYC at Pearl Studios which I thoroughly enjoyed. I then attended/watched more classes as well as attending their weekly milongas in Central Park on Saturday evenings. All were fun and obviously I recommend this Tango School as I plan to take more lessons. Overall it should be obvious I am doing my best to acclimate myself for my upcoming visit!

Malbec-Tango-Malbec-Tango - BA here I come! :)

3. WINE 101


1. Are wine critics fooling us into buying pricier bottles?

Hotels happily jump into the wine business

Cola-Flavored Wine Is Now a Thing

2. Invest in wine without drinking the profits

Mixing Fine Wines With The Bond Markets

New Zealand vineland value drops 60%, but no takers

3. Jefford on Monday: Confessions of a Cobbler

Ask a Sommelier: How Did You Get Interested in Wine?

4 September 11  TastersGuildNY Familia Zuccardi Premium Argentine Wine Tasting

September 12 So you think you know...

September 20-21 Wine Riot New York

October 3-5 Greenwich Wine & Food

October 10 Wine and Tango Tasting

October 17-20 NYC Wine & Food Festival

5. Wine & Comedy: TheStandUpSommelier.com

I greatly enjoyed Laurie Forster performing Something to Wine About - Her one-hour original comedy show & wine tasting with audience participation.  I have attended it in two versions: one at the Greenwich Wine & Food Festival, the other at Caroline’s on Broadway.  I enjoyed the “class” in Greenwich Ct more (repeats October 5) as we were offered more wine and more wine instruction.  The latter was excellent pure standup comedy but had just as many beer as wine drinkers there - need I say more?  Don’t miss either show for juicy Fun!

Wine and Tango
These monthly parties by Strictly Tango are F U N. The first time I went- both myself and my plus one didn’t know one step of Tango- yet we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. They claim (and it is true) you can go alone or with a dance partner - either way expect a good time. Given the wine drinking’s prime directive is to increase pleasure in life, I recommend this experience of tango with wine.
However I do need to point out the three wines at the tasting were Chardonnay, Shiraz and Malbec.  I strongly proposed changing to Torrontes, Bonarda and of course Malbec. I believe in Terroir as well as Argentine wines matching Argentine dancing and music as well as food.  They agreed to do so in future.
Note: while I will miss their September 26 party, I plan to attend October 10.

6. winemaps.com A promising Beta release.

Improve that red wine with just a push of a button

A Perfect Pairing: Crime Fiction And Wine

7. The front page of last Saturday’s National Post carried a giant wine glass and the provocative question, “Are wine critics fooling us into buying pricier bottles?”  Adam included my 2 cents in wrapping up his piece:

Natalie MacLean, whose books and wine review website have made her one of North America’s best-known wine writers, imagines she could be tricked if someone served her a wine out of context. “I don’t set myself up as infallible,” she says. Ms. MacLean argues that wine reviewing, like art criticism, is largely a matter of taste and opinion. “As wine critics I think our primary goal is to be of service to wine drinkers, to be their guide; their virtual wine friend standing beside them at the store.”

HW: Well written article. I basically agree with your points. But you left out one important function of the wine critic- not only to help select wines but to INCREASE THE ENJOYMENT of drinking a particular wine.

NM: Thanks Henry! Great point.


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