There have been many wines I have tasted over the last few months, so I could be wine writing much more. 
However, few were very interesting, special or memorable.   I don’t see the point of just “cataloging” wines- there are more than enough wine writers who do that.
Hence my delay until I find the right Raison d'Ítre.   Unless I am interested in READING what I WRITE, why bother?
Still I have months of notes back log such as the following delayed June issue. This fall I hope to relaunch a new WEINGARTEN.
Note: I have started TWITTER@tafund for occasional quickies on the stock market, astrology and wine as well as TWITTER@wineafund solely for wine tweets..
I wish everyone a good Summer holiday- I am enjoying mine.
3. WINE 101
1. Top 10 Wine Regions
"Wine's Sweet Spot Is a $20 Bill"
Undersea cellaring service preparing to launch

2. Fine wine prices plunge; invest or drink?

French fund bets on wines as safe-haven investments

Fancy Names Can Fool Wine Geeks Into Paying More For A Bottle

3.  http://www.wineintro.com/fun/quiz/wine
Q: Did you know there is NO red wine sold grown from Transylvania?
HW: I think the reason should be obvious! J
4. September 21, 22 WINE RIOT
5. Terroirs & Signatures de Bougogne As Napoleon said, "Nothing makes the future look so rosy as to contemplate it through a glass of Burgundy."
Here I found “Too many good wines.”  My host corrected me to restate this as "So many good wines”.
While not a white wine lover there were so many lovely whites especially Pouilly-Fuisse.
Then red classics like Maison Joseph Drouhin  Beaune 1er Cr Clos des Mouches 2009  (I will drink this Pinor Noir anytime, thank you)
Domaine Daniel Rion & Fils  Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru Les Hauts Pruliers 2009 Very nice
Domaine et Saveurs Collection Curvee Bernard Delesclach- Hospice de Nuits 2008  Tres gentil
My tasting favorite? Maison Jean-Philippe Marchand  Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru Les Pruliers 2009  $90 
6/06 Wines of Portugal I started and ended at the Exhibitor’s choice table (I knew to stop when after several hours, I dropped my glass). I was informed that this is a not infrequent occurrence at Tribecca 360 e.g. At Greek weddings, glasses thrown against the wall, at Jewish ones they are stomped upon etc.
Jose Maria Da Fonseca Periquita Vinhos Peninsula de Setubal 2009  $9 a tweetable superb value house wine. Also Periquita Reserva 2009 $15 for the more upscale family J
At the Castilla La Mancha US Tour 2012  Best Value was Don Eugenio Reserva 2008 $11. This clean value wine reminded me of many offerings today from Sud de France.
New Wines of Greece  May 17  ESPACE
We began and ended with the tried and true: Boutari the upscale Greek winery since 1879.  I then experienced two grapes I had never tasted before: Malgousia & Black of Kalavrtya.
There were several nice wineries and plenty of delicious food (Greeks believe drinking wine without food is a sin).
Our star discovery:  The Winery Domaine Pagiannakos  founded in 1919 located just 30KM from Athens.  This one had deep Terroir: drinking it we were truly transported to a Greek tavern.
I loved drinking Papagiankakos Malgouzia 2011 Dry White Malagousia $15 and Papagianakos Retsina 2011 Savatiano $10 both wines felt like Greece!
Lorraine’s Favorite Santorini:  Greek Wine Cellars Moscofilero 2010 PDO Matina Dry White $12. An obvious a bargain.
Lorraine:  “If dining in a nice restaurant order Boutari- if in a Taverna order Domaine Papagiannakos!
6.  Men are From Mars, Women from Venus and Wine is from Bacchus
Should extra-terrestrial (ET) wines be judged the same as earth grown?  I believe the answer varies depending on whether you prefer space travel by rocket (R) or flying saucer (FS).
I prefer the relaxing and feminine FS mode of space travel, while my wine wife prefers the more masculine R travel.  Hence we often do not see eye to eye on many wines.  Recently we requested samples of Abduction, a sci-fi wine.  We both strongly disliked their Galactic White 100% Airen wine, although she quipped- “the more ice I added (and especially the more it melted) the better (less bad) it tasted!”  Perhaps extra-terrestrial tastes are different?  Be that as it may, their Cosmic Red (50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Merlot) is not only reasonably priced under $10 and a fun party wine/house gift but also pleasant enough for drinking on our planet earth.
 7. Top 10 wine movies
Wine has had a considerable presence on the silver screen, and here the drinks business counts down the top 10 wine movies.

Top movies for wine lovers
What Can One Learn About Wine from the Movies?
What Can One Learn About Wine from the Movies? Part 2
8. Examining the Efficacy of Sheep in Vineyard Management
Young Minds of Fine Wine Battle in Bordeaux
HW:  I wish this had been an option when I was a student!
First Class to Funky: 10 Great NYC Wine Bars
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