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Like many of my readers, I have become overwhelmed with the variety of new wine choices.  This is not so much a complaint i.e. “There are too many good wines” but a humble appreciation: “There are now so many good wines.”   When asked what my favorite NY restaurant, I usually answer “30-40 favorites which depend on my mood, company, budget and after dining activities planned”.   Similarly, I restrict myself primarily to no more than 30-40 favorite wine regions.

When recently traveling to Bermuda, I was unexpectedly stopped by US airport security.  My wife was wondering whether she had accidentally taken 4oz of body lotion rather than the requisite 3.  I absent-mindedly had not taken my travel carry on but my office bag which naturally has a corkscrew inside.  Obviously, this the TSE saw it as a potential weapon.  Fortunately having a wine press card made little explanation necessary.   Unfortunately, we restricted our evening hotel room drinks to screw top wines. :)



3. WINE 101







1. Health Watch: Red Wine Drinkers Digest Meals Better

New single-serving wine “glass” to debut at Kauffman Stadium

2. Wine: An alternative investment that you can experience first hand

New online trading platform launches with heavyweight backing

3. Demystifying wine terms

4. June 13 Five Senses Tasting: Music, Wine & Dancing

June 17 Wines of Portugal Summer Rooftop Tasting


Chianti is probably one of the most recognized Italian wines, available in any wine store and any Italian restaurant. The Chianti Classico tasting showcased how versatile this wine can be, while following the original rules established in 1716. The wine pairs best with traditional Tuscan food, which, contrary to the popular belief, is steak not pasta. A bottle of good Chianti is concentrated yet balanced, intense yet elegant. Among Irene’s favorites were Rocca Delle Macie Riserva di Famiglia 2009 (90% Sangiovese, 5% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, aged for 2 years in French oak barrels and a minimum of 3 months in bottles, retailing for $25) and  Casaloste Chianti Classico Riserva Don Vincenzo 2008 (95% Sangiovese, 5% other varieties, aged for 18 months in French barriques and a minimum of 10 months in bottles, retailing for $35)

Snooth People's Voice Awards Grand Tasting

This first annual event invites consumers to judge and vote for their favorite wines. The people selected well and these wines were accompanied by a tasty food selection from the Cayman Islands.  My show find aka WEINGARTEN SELECTION: Dominio de Tares Estay Prieto Picudo 2010 Unusual & inexpensive (~$12). Prieto Picudo is a rare dark-skinned variety grown predominantly in and around its homeland of Leon, northern Spain. Estay was sourced from the Finca del Llano vineyards where the old Prieto Picudo bush vines are 90+ years old.

Alto Adiage Wines Grand Tasting Tour

 “Taste Italian Wines at their Peak”. “Alto Adiage is to Italy what Alsace was to France. “Italian wines with ‘heart and history’”.  I found these wine slogans apt. Cantina Terlano (est 1893) Montigl Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) Riserva 2010  $39;

Two other noteworthy wineries: St Pauls Winery (est 1907)  and Nals Margreid (est 1932)

Favorite cheese” Dolohiten Konig was so delicious that it is perhaps alone worth a trip there!


My first but hardly my last taste of the native grape Teroldgeo. Favorite winery: Endrizzi

Their inexpensive $15 Teroldego Rotaliano Riserva makes a fine house wine selection.

6. Wineocology by Caitlin Stansbury with Heidi Shink

This is well written in a light California PC style (wine makers are referred to as “she”, a Zen approach of  wine tasting [See, Smell, Touch, Taste], and her use of alliteration, e.g. Simple Sommelier System noting Varieties, Viticulture, Vinification etc. Easy to read and chock full of information, Wineocology should be of interest to most wine lovers and educators as it is not the usual rehash of wine pedantry.

Two minor quibbles:

         In Riesling Grape Expectations: “It grows well in Germany, Alsace France, Austria, Washington State, Canada, South Australia and New Zealand.”  How can she overlook New York State Finger Lake region? An obvious omission.

         She assets there is NO  difference between wine professionals and complete novices “other than formal training and experience.” I disagree. This is a PC illusion equivalent to claiming that everyone can be a professional basketball player even if a midget. Better to state that there are different types of tasters and you don’t have to become a wine geek to enjoy wine- just learn to experience wine in the moment.

Bottom Line: We have added this enjoyable well researched book to our recommended book list for beginners:

“If you are more "California" than "New York/Europe" or interested in the Zen of the wine experience, read: Wineocology by Caitlin Stansbury with Heidi Shink.”



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How to Own a Vineyard

8. According to Biodynamics, the best time to drink wine is on a) fruit day b) leaf day c) root day?

What movie caused Merlot sales to fall and Pinot Noir to soar?

a)  Grapes of Wrath b) Bottle Shock c) Corked d) Sideways

9)  Reader: Thanks Henry!  The tasting at Estonia house” TastersGuildNYJean Luc Columbo Tour of Rhone Valley Wines

It was terrific!

HW: You betcha


READER: Thanks for sharing!  This is AWESOME.  I also like Vinkara and nice to see others that have enjoyed this Turkish wine.

HW: Yes an enjoyable wine.


READER: Buyer's remorse? counterfeit_wine_lawsuit_is_a_30_000_bottle_of_wine_delicious.html?

HW: I have been to some wine auctions recently, but 10K is MY limit! :)

READER:  Very wise of you. In Europe, I try to stay under $ 10 (no K),

HW: I always thought they were marking up those wines being imported from France & Italy, but didn't realize the market up was THAT high!

PS Not 10 Euros? 

READER: Right, Euros.  Still, a better bet than at auction.

I buy my French wine from a dealer in Bordeaux and my Italian usually at the producer. It makes rather a difference.

HW: Apparently. 


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