It has been some time since our last wine blog. For several months I have been besieged with computer problems.
It began when I dropped my computer at a wine tasting (in the line of duty), not once but twice! Since it continued working, I thought nothing of it until two days later when all was lost. (This is like dropping your cell phone in water- IMMEDIATELY take out your battery and dry it and you may save your phone). In the case of a computer, IMMEDIATELY back up all data and run hard disk diagnostics. After more than two months I was able to salvage all key files.  THEN our website was hacked multiple times.
I had planned to do a major make over of our wine site and newsletter to make both more aesthetically pleasing. This is now postponed until 2013.
Now I am left with notes from many wine tastings.  In order to get the show on the road, I am restarting with the following brief report.  Over time I hope to eliminate some, most, or all the backlog of tastings, book reviews etc. while also trying to remain current.
Finally I am happy to report that we did achieve our 2011 goal of being voted in the top 20 wine blogs on localwineevents (#18 out of 913).
1. March 2 & 3 New York Wine Expo
Mar 08 Bordeaux Right Bank Grand Wine Tasting
2. Wine may be Indicator of your Personality
Wine and Chocolate Taken to an Entirely New Level
World’s first paper wine bottle set for UK launch
Champenois ditching flutes for wine glasses
Drink Cheap Wine
3. This past week I attended two favorite specialty wine tastings that I recommend highly to my readers:
My first time at KFWE was very pleasant.  All wines were provided by the Royal Wine Corp and this was a very good to excellent selection indeed.
To be consider a 'kosher" wine a rabbi must supervise the winemaking and only Sabbath-observing Jewish men can handle the grapes after leaving the vineyard.
But to this wine critic, the fact they were kosher was somewhat incidental to the very high quality of the wines.  Clearly for readers such as my GP doctor who keeps a kosher home this is a must experience (and she plans to attend next year) but those who don't e.g. non Jewish, you will find a variety of quality  wines as well as 30 tasty ethnic food stations.
I liked hearing live classical music which naturally connects me with the fine wine experience.  I believe Music makes wine taste better.
My favorite winery overall was the French selections of Domaine Rothschild both their Haut Medoc 2008 and the surprisingly tasty best seller Flechas de los Andes (Argentina) Gran Malbec 2009.
Israeli Domaine du Castel Grand Vin 2009 and Carmel Winery limited Edition 2007 were both excellent as was the Brut Rose by Laurent-Perrier.  There were also unique offerings such as Boukha Fig Brandy.  I could go on, but suffice to say I believe this is an event all New York wine lovers will enjoy attending (at least once!).
Gala Italia February 2012 is a wonderful annual celebration of Italian food and wine with 30 Italian wineries and 20 delicious Italian restaurants presenting.
The food, unlike that at some wine festivals, was excellent and by many Italian restaurants whose signature or special dishes were to entice you to eat at their restaurants. I made the mistake of having a full lunch. I would NOT recommend that.  I enjoyed the short but delightful Italian singing- I think there should be more of this.
One unique feature was that a first prize was assigned to the "best wine of each Italian producer" by jury of wine specialists.  My mission was to taste each of  30 award wining wines. All but 2 were (very) pleasant. This is a touch that I would like to see more specialty wine festivals follow.  All in all a very pleasant evening and most highly recommended.
4. I am happy we are beginning to receive wines to review. (Economically being a wine writer is less costly than losing a few million dollars buying a Napa valley winery- and it also saves me many untold hours of work/aggravation.) Instead I simply enjoy the "fruits" of my wine love.
BRUT NATURE 80% Macebeo 20% Chardonnay (no sugar added) $13.99
SEMI-SECO 100% Macebeo $10.99
I am happy to review this Spanish Cava. I know Italian Prosecco is considered by many to be the cheap, chic alternative to quality champagne. I don't agree. While it does cleanse one's palette, I much prefer a quality Cava or French Cremant. (If you must drink Italian I recommend Franciacorta, which unlike most other Italian sparklers is made using the Champagne method of crafting sparkling wine.)
But here we have SPAIN- Nasol is a pale yellow cava sporting fine bubbles and follows the traditional method, a second fermentation in the bottle.
Bottom line: This is a great value and a tasty proposition.
 5. 10 Hilarious Old Commercials for Terrible Wines
"What is the definition of a good wine? It should start and end with a smile." –William Sokolin
“Wine: How classy people get wasted.” vs. “Beer because your friends aren’t that interesting.” – Anon
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