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With permission, we are posting some of the work we are doing for our corporate client,

First Trade:  Oct 1, 1987  Vancouver BC
Incorporation: September 23, 1991 Vancouver BC.
Birthdata of Principals:
Claude West Chairman of the Board:   August 3, 1944 7am Freeport Texas
Scott Blue     President and COO:       August 1, 1953
CFO: 8/21/1965     CEO: 4/19/1969     CIO:  3/06/1975
Web site:
Investor Relations Contact: James Hinton X135 or John Kirk 1-800-797-9999 X136.


Impressions from Vancouver visit in September were highly favorable.  This is a company in Internet overdrive.  The enthusiasm was evident everywhere.  My favorite memory was viewing their TV broadcast which their technical department claimed blowed everything else out of the water.  When fishing and asking about their competition, the answer was:  "SHORT THEM ALL!"  But this was NOT the usual Vancouver hype, but the sincere belief of the speaker.

Technically, Stox's system is built like the old ATT - redundancy, redundancy and expandability.  First class network design was evident everywhere.  Given the telephony background of many of their engineers, this is not surprising.  While many competitors such as Reuters are hoping to have in 4th Quarter features such as 99.5% up time, already offers it.

There are two parts to the company, the brokerage product and a first class network.  Stockholders will be getting both products, the latter may be a spin off or at least produce other products e.g. Travel networks etc.

At an informal meeting with some players, we were discussing possible buy in/out numbers ranging from the $10 to a high of $50 with a median of $22 per share.
My response was: "Try to sell 10% of the company at $10, 10% at $20, but shoot for a $100, after all you ARE an internet company!"

With first level financing in place, top technical people, product demand, it is not hard to imagine a double or triple in stock level in far less than a year.  After that?  Stay tuned!

Third Advice:

1.  Continue partnerships on all sides:
Note Natal and Solar Return Venus on the Midheaven of Stox. Inc. September 23rd Solar Return. Continue to "marry partners" but not seek a quick sell off .  Don't advise a fast sell of the company in Spring 2000 as some suggested.  Rather sell 10% first at $10 and another 10-20% at $10-$22.
Note: 2000 Solar Return Sun on the MC - Look around at the landscape THEN and Make decisions THEN when you are Strongest and at your peak.

2. Develop the network side of the business in addition to brokerage including a possible spin-off or tracked shares for this core asset.

3.  Continue to concentrate on North America for next 6-9 months: Canada first, US second. Respond to inquiries in England and Europe, but do not initiate.  Possible investor financing from Miami or Texas.

Look to Nasdaq and New York first half of 2000 (after going to Toronto this Fall).

4.  Be prepared that from the end of September through October, Internet stocks including Stox. com will be under pressure.  Try to schedule appropriate press announcements frequently during this period to help support stock. Have Toronto listing ready for November/December expected stock blast off.

AstroTechnicals: Stock Price

10/6/99: The $4 test failed. The stock is currently testing the $3.4-$3.50 area and perhaps will even retest $3.00.  From a value perspective, the stock is a bargain.  How low will it go? I don't know the answer to THAT question, but I do believe based on the transits to the stox chart, we have one more big test later in the month.  We will therefore recommend buying on astro-technical grounds within two weeks or sooner.

9/29/1999: Currently testing $4 level.  After support established here, it will take on the $7.50 Cd ($5 US) level.  This should happen either in November/December or soon after a Toronto listing announcement, whichever comes first.  Like all technology stocks, it will be challenged in October.  This is an excellent time to buy {$3.75 to $4.50} if you are a value investor i.e. "Buy low, Sell High."
Momentum players i.e. "Buy High, Sell Higher" will feel more comfortable in about 30-60 days.

NATAL CHART ANALYSIS (Forthcoming) primary business focus is as an aggregator and disseminator of stock market information and content.
Their twin business objective is to become a leading provider of financial data and content on the web as well as an internet market leader for turn-key online brokerage solutions.

Q & A

READER:  I recently bought some STOX.COM and I was wondering what your latest thoughts are about the company since your recent trip to Canada.
HW:  I was favorably impressed. They are one of our very few favorite Internet plays. Stock wise, even being on Vancouver, we expect more than a double before year end.  Astrologically it will be challenge for a month, then very positive in November/December.

READER: I am looking for a symbol I could pull up on the computer...everything they gave me came up with nothing.  What do you use to get a look at Stox?
HW: Its stock traders on the Vancouver Stock Exchange under the symbol URL.  On some computer systems, it is V.URL.  Others V-URL or URL-V  etc.  You can easily find it and all other Canadian stocks at the site itself.


Disclaimer:  The Astrologers Fund Inc., its director, employees and its clients maintain positions in this stock.  In addition, is a corporate client and advertiser on our website.  While we usually do not actively trade stock as it is an intermediate term hold for us, it is of obvious benefit to us when others buy its stock.  Always do your own research and check with your licensed financial advisor or broker before buying or selling on the recommendations of the Astrologers Fund, Inc.
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