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2006: DAYS OF SILVER AND GOLD especially if you need more reasons to own gold.

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Buy gold and silver: “Even the Silver I trust at 11.51 (SLV) is likely to appreciate more than 15% over the next 6 months.
Of course selected gold and silver stocks should perform far better if we are right."

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H 1 2007 Gold Fair Value $642 =
Commodity: $550/580 + Currency: 620/640 + Inflation Metal: $661 + Crisis FV: $734/800

H1 2007 Silver Fair Value is $14 as an Investment and $11 as a Commodity

If $400 gold indicates the presence of inflation, how can there be $600 gold and virtually none?  Must it be $800 before the talking TV heads acknowledge what every living and breathing American knows: Living in the REAL world costs are far HIGHER than the official US government statistics pretend!


Our BIG play for 2005 and 2006 was gold. Gold itself returned 23%, while favorite midcap stocks like Nova Gold (NG) and Agnico-Eagle (AEM) returned 70% and 100% with a simple "Buy and Hold" Strategy. While we believe gold and silver will continue to reward long term  investors, as in 2006,  markets do not move in a straight line. 2007 will require even more active trading and hedging if the goal is triple digit profits* and not simply double digits. 

Note: We reached our first H1 2006 Gold Trading Target 1/2/2007- from our December 22 Buy/Reversal of our November 9, 2006 Sell. Our next or first 2007 buys centered on X {+/- one trading day). *
*AFUND trading advice is available to Platinum WSNW subscribers, Hedge Funds and QEP clients.

Silver is to Gold much like NASDAQ is to the SPX.  It is a smaller capitalized market, so if you crave volatility, Silver’s for you! 

Q1 2007 Silver will outperform gold. Over time the Gold/Silver ratio will drop further to 46-44..We expect our $14+ price target for Silver by March/H1 April 2007. 
I would suggest 20% of your precious metal portfolio be allocated to silver and silver stocks. Silver Instruments should be more traded and when it out performs by 18% of more, Sell or Stop it. Conversely, when it under performs by 18% or more, begin (re) Accumulation.

Two reasons investors should own gold:
1) Gold has outperformed the S&P 500 for the past six years in a row. We expect that to be the case as well in 2007 and 2008.
2) With the US national debt BEYOND BELIEF, gold has an upside potential that has not been seen since 1980, i.e., a once in a lifetime opportunity!
 In Q1 2007, you should buy and hold gold as if 2008 were coming!!

The most often mentioned reason to buy gold is further dollar weakness. Equally important, these are extraordinary times, where geopolitical risk and outlook continue to outweigh normal stock market considerations. Traditionally, geopolitical uncertainty, war and global economic sluggishness have been good for gold companies.

Higher mining costs are helping to drive up the price of gold. Gold demand continues to grow faster than its global mined supply. Western Central Bank Selling is (more than) offset by Eastern Central Bank Buying. Gold buying is strongly rising in emerging economies, especially India and China, which are becoming two of the largest gold consuming nations, as well as continuing strong demand from the Middle East. And just when will the Yanks be coming?  In 2007/2008?
Bottom line in 2007: EVERY investor will want  exposure to the gold market.
We recommend a 12%-20% long commodity/hedge allocation into 2007 depending on one's global portfolio risk/reward parameters.
While we use $550 gold and $11 Silver to evaluate mining companies, our H1 2007 Fair Value Investment numbers for gold are $642 and $14 for Silver respectively. 


Q1 2007: $630 Gold Pivot with $642 and $661 first resistance, and $610 S1, $600 S2 and $580 S3 Support.
XAU now has 140 PIVOT and 130 to 150 initial support and resistance respectively.
Note: Feb 1, 2 Triple Gold Conference Updates were $661 and 690 additional targets Q1 2007.


Gold and Silver will continue to become more mainstream investments and speculations of choice.
We expect higher prices than Fair Value in Q1 2007, but increased volatility as we evidenced in the first trading week of 2007.

No sector demonstrates the advantages of illiquidity better than the gold and silver share market. In a rising gold market, small- and mid-cap gold stocks tend to produce a much bigger bang than simply buying gold itself. Ditto for Silver. When gold breaks through  to new multi-year highs, small cap gold stocks (as a group) are likely to perform much better than either the big cap XAU or HUI stocks or the metal itself. However, investing in junior resource companies can be especially risky. To minimize some of this risk, don't overload your portfolio with junior mining companies. I recommend buying over time a diversified basket of 10 small cap companies, all together totaling no more than 5%-10% of an overall aggressive portfolio allocation.
Note:  You may wish to choose a mixture of early state exploration companies (highest risk/reward) with a strong exploration upside ["bonanza"] potential with near production/early production (lower risk) ones. Again this depends on one’s personal risk/reward profile.


·    We project gold higher, but more volatile into 2008.
·    As a portfolio hedge, we recommend from 12%-20% gold and silver for many of our model portfolios. This would be done conservatively with a mixture of physical gold (GLD) and Silver (SLV) and gold majors NEM midcaps such NG and AEM.  For even more speculative risk/reward, consider the larger silver companies like PAAS, SLW and SSRI and the GDX Amex Gold Miners Index (currently 36 gold and silver companies).
·    We recommended that gold and silver be bought on weakness and temporary US$ strength.
·    If you love to gamble and desire Las Vegas style investing excitement, buy a group of 5 to 10 microcap stocks that are likely to soar should the public become as excited about gold as they have about energy. Please remember however, that in early stage drilling programs,  the management, sources of funding, share structure and promotional ability matter as much as finding gold. For a current list of small cap gold companies that we are watching, please research the companies that present at our Semiannual Triple Gold Conferences at the Princeton Club in New York.

Our long term recommendation remains the same: Own Precious Metals.
Gold is cheap insurance against both inflation AND a future declining US Dollar!
 It is also beginning to resume its traditional "safe haven" status as well.


"Gold's going to be the phenomenon of 2007. If I had to choose one commodity, I'd stick with gold.”
Michael Metz, chief investment strategist, Oppenheimer

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WSNW Subscribers should frequently review our premium S: Gold post.

2006: Days of Silver and Gold
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