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We are here posting our on going analysis of our client, DCH Technology.
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First Trade:  May 28, 1997? (Data not verified)
Incorporation: February 23, 1996 10 am Denver Colorado
Key Date:  May 27, 1997 became a public company through a reverse merger.
Headquarters: Valencia, California
Birth data of Principals:
David P Haberman Chairman of the Board: November 08, 1960, 2: 29 am New York, NY
David A. Walker President: November 14, 1957  1:19 am Santa Monica, CA
Web site:
Investor Relations:  IR FAQ  Email Investor Relations  Phone: 888-HYDROGN EXT 11


2000 is the YEAR OF HYDROGEN
DCHT is arguably the best pure hydrogen stock market play

As this message becomes more widely known, its stock will fly. Hopefully, unlike the Hindenberg, it will not ultimately explode. However, this is not likely. After all, DCHT is THE leading global Hydrogen Sensor Supplier! :)

While we find DCH Technology a far better and compelling stock market buy than either Ballard (BLDP) or Plug Power (PLUG), any publicity for the hydrogen sector will help the company. How long before the public realizes that Hydrogen/Solar energy is the OIL energy play of the 21st century? By that time, DCHT stock will be far higher than $5. As forecast, DCH Technology is a fully reporting company. On November 10, DCH Technology is scheduled to make a "significant announcement" at the Fall Equities conference.  Whether traders should buy or sell on the news remains to be seen.
For long term investors, however, the decision is an easy one: Buy and Hold!

Postscript: DCHT announced it received a $2.4 million order to provide sensors and safety systems to a large fuel cell manufacturer to be incorporated into their line of products. This is the largest hydrogen sensor order in the history of the hydrogen energy sector and sets the stage for DCHT sensors to become the defacto standard for use in all hydrogen related fuel cell systems going forward. Naturally traders sold to lock in 300% profits of the past week. This provided another opportunity for serious investors to buy near the $1 level perhaps for the last time this year.

AstroTechnicals: DCHT Stock Price  or Detailed Stock Price

Now that we have seen the first 400% trading profits, what is next?
How long will the $1.25 pivot be maintained? Thereafter, what barriers to the next 400%?
These are the two key resistance points of $2 and $5.
$2 can easily be held and straddled with good investor relations and communication.
$5 however, will take either Nasdaq small cap and/or MAJOR news and progress.

Astrologically and seasonally, DCHT is a January cap stock.
It is will not be affected by any Y2K worries nor December tax loss selling due to recent stock buying. We foresee strong sailing into February.
Currently we are forecasting a price target of $5-$8 within the February to July 2000 time frame.

NATAL CHART ANALYSIS (First Impressions)

Offsetting its poor May 28  first trade chart (Saturn MC/Neptune Setting), is their highly propitious fundamental Incorporation Chart.

What could be better for a pioneering high technology company than Venus in Aries and Mercury/Uranus conjunct on the MC in 0 Aquarius?
Similarly, their Sun in Pisces conjunct Mars square Pluto is also perfect for a hydrogen energy company.

To be continued.

For one fundamental view, see Ram Capital Management's DCH Technology stock report.

Q & A

READER: Re: DCH, you said, "Note: My three favorite new post-millennium themes are: Hydrogen...."  Another one of your favorites, RD, is maybe the only Oil company that is favorable on hydrogen.  Having worked a bit in that field (among others), I  think this is a good call on your part.
HW: Thank you for your comments.  I believe DCH is in contact with RD.

READER: A big congratulations re DCHT.
HW:  Thank you, but I believe that this first 100% is JUST the very beginning of the move.

READER: How does and Dchte compare in risk to IHI? Is less or more risky than Dchte?
HW: Good questions. There are a number of ways to define risk.  One value way is the book value of the company.  By this measure, IHI is clearly the least risky as its stock is trading at less than 2 X book and owns substantial real assets. is an Internet/network company past the start up stage with strong contracts and hence a future revenue stream. DCHTE is a start up hydrogen energy company, with its hydrogen sensor business a future steady source of revenue stream that alone could easily justify twice its current stock price.  If you are worried about risk, you should not be buying either of these two.  If you like high risk/high reward speculative investments, you should buy BOTH.

READER: The Hindenburg accident, was a fire that was the result of the paint that coated the outside, and not the hydrogen exploding. Indeed, the hydrogen kept it afloat in time for the remaining people to escape. Had it been a hydrogen explosion, there would only have been minute particles of people left.
HW: I using taking poetic license as the first thing anyone looking into the Hydrogen energy sector learns is that exploding hydrogen was not the cause of the Hindenburg disaster.

READER: [I am] In DCHT from $.75 . I am sure you know it closed over $1.00 on Friday, what is your upside target and how long should we hold?
HW: As a short term trade until $1.25-$1.50; as a short term investment till February; as an intermediate term investment $2 and as a long term investment until the cows come home with hydrogen sensors in their udders.

First DCHT Post    First Impressions

Disclaimer:  The Astrologers Fund Inc., its director, employees and its clients maintain positions in this stock.  In addition, DCH Technology is a corporate client and advertiser on our web site.  While we usually do not actively trade DCHT stock as it is an intermediate term hold for us, it is of obvious benefit to us when others buy its stock.  Always do your own research and check with your licensed financial advisor or broker before buying or selling on the recommendations of the Astrologers Fund, Inc.
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