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2020 Luncheon Symposium Series
at the Princeton Club (NY) & Hilton Conrad Club (Hong Kong)

February 12 2020 XXVIII Triple Gold Conference
July 15, 2020 XXIX Triple Gold Conference


July 17, 2019 XXVII Triple Gold Conference
February 21, 2019 XXVI Triple Gold Conference   July 18, 2018 XXV Triple Gold Conference  For More Click Here
AFUND Conferences and luncheons are high-quality and among New York's most interesting and well respected small to midcap venues.
Presenters and Sponsors have the opportunity to network with professional investors in an exclusive and intimate setting – highly qualified investment professionals, consultants and press elect to attend.

COMPANY PRESENTATIONS in New York are $5500 and $6888 in Hong Kong. This is for 18 minutes with 10 minutes allowed for questions by our panel and/or audience. 
Please note: we adhere to a "Swiss" on time schedule.  This makes it convenient and predictable for both attendees and presenters to drop in and out of our conference.

"Mother-Daughter" presentations where two companies basically share the same management and in related industries may also opt to present for 26 minutes with 15 minutes for questions for $8000.

Our audience was initially composed primarily of market professionals: institutional investors, hedge funds, portfolio managers, analysts, investment bankers and brokers who collectively manage multi-billion dollar investment portfolios. Starting in 2007, we began inviting business press, newsletter writers, family offices and high net worth individuals and clients.
Starting In 2010, several of our conferences and luncheons have been cosponsored by a variety of quality BDs, investment banks, market research, legal and accounting firms.
Starting in 2015, we added a "red" or Health Care track to our Triple Gold Conference program.

     Note: Originally "Triple Gold" referenced Yellow (Gold), Black (Oil) and Blue (Water) companies.  Over time, we have added Silver (Silver), White (Special Situations), Green (Clean Energy) and Red (Biotech/Healthcare).
Because of our selectivity in choosing presenters, our conference company choices have consistently outperformed both market and sector benchmarks. Coupled with world class talks and panels, we have numerous testimonials as to why AFUND conferences are well received.
Attendance is by invitation only.

Our conference venue is meant to be intimate and optimized for business networking.  We are single track for maximum audience attendance and you will have several opportunities to network throughout our conference. 
You are welcome to attend the entire day you are presenting to maximize your networking opportunities and watch the presentations of other companies. You will find many opportunities for one on one meetings.
If your schedule permits, we especially recommend attending our cocktail hour as well as lunch and/or breakfast on the day of your presentation.

Note: We run on "Swiss Time": Presentations are precisely timed and may not exceed the allotted time slot. For the benefit of our attendees with busy schedules, we stop and start presentations On Time.

Winter & Summer Triple Gold Conference audiences are mixed: with both experience industry investors e.g natural resource, healthcare, energy etc. as well as generalists. Try to address both in your presentation by using a middle ground emphasizing your company's distinct features and assets, program and future plans. Some technical data is appropriate, but if extensive have it ready in an appendix or website reference.
Remember to focus on the points that make you company an attractive investment opportunity.

Spring & Fall Investment Conference audiences vary from
top down fund managers to market analysts. We recommend emphasizing a broad stroke introduction to your company. For example, if in the life sciences, it should not be necessary to have a medical degree to follow your presentation! Instead, discuss your overall market strategy: the uniqueness of your IP, the status of your clinical trials, the size of your potential market, etc.  However, expect some technical questions from audience to follow.
NOTE: Instead of Spring  & Fall Conferences we have the
AFund/Wall Street Next Week Symposium Luncheon SERIES - see below.

Your invited audience: 
Please send your invited complimentary list two weeks in advance. For food purposes, we need to have counts for the Princeton Club within one week.  Presenters are allowed two guests, in addition to two company representatives. If you wish to invite more, providing they are qualified attendees (fund managers, analysts, brokers and HNW investors), we will try to accommodate you if we can as long as we are given sufficient notice.
Note: All of our recent past events have been full often with a waiting list.

Some Recent Testimonials

"It was a great event. Lovely setting, good audience, great food. We will be back."

Thank YOU for a great conference, and for high quality and very attractive and investable companies!

The event was a success and the audience was excellent. I look forward to working with you and your team again and will recommend working with your group to my contacts within the industry."

"You and your team do an excellent j2ob in filling the room with the right people and creating an atmosphere that encourages interaction and business which is very difficult but something you achieve."

"Thank you again for creating the opportunity for such interesting and fruitful forum."

"The lunch the Princeton club puts on is worth the trip alone, notwithstanding the fun I have had in the past with your group of investors."

"I wanted to thank you for extending the invitation to the event on Wed. You certainly have an interesting cross section of companies from both a market cap and metals focus, and each look like they are poised for some significant upside."

AFund/Wall Street Next Week Symposium Luncheon SERIES

March 30 HK
May 5 NY
May 22 or 25 HK
June 5 NY

May 10 NY Mining Week Luncheon
June 7 Natural Resource
October 3 Natural Resources
October 11 Hong Kong
October 25 Hong Kong
November 15 Silver
December 5 Special Situations

March 28 Hong Kong
May 8 New York
June 3 New York
October 16 New York
October 24 Hong Kong
November 19 New York
December 12 New York


We also offer a unique 2 1/2 hour luncheon tracks usually beginning with a keynote speaker and followed by three or four company presentations. We provide the same high quality audience as with AFUND conferences but in a more intimate setting (~ 50 attendees) for enhanced networking. These are offered though out the year to better accommodate your New York visits.  As of November 2010, we have often invited quality BDs, investment banks, research firms, legal and accounting firms as cosponsors. 
While luncheons are 11.00 to 2pm, many attendees stay until 3pm to informally network with company presenters while enjoying more of our luncheon wine.  Sample Lunch Menu

Beginning in 2013, Private companies that plan to go public within one year have an additional presentation option limited to 15 minutes in length including any questions from the audience for a fee of $2500.
Note as of 2017, we now offer 1/2 "lightening round slots" to CSE listed companies as well as select micro caps [< $10M market cap] for a fee of $2500.


1) To insure your participation and 2) Additional exposure time on our website and multiple emails to prospective attendees.
Global fund managers as well as many investors often review our conference participants given our historical out performance.
This ongoing marketing exposure through our website and emails to markets professionals is often highly beneficial before as well as after the conference itself.  

We provide the use of a lectern, microphone, computer, LCD projector and presentation screen at each conference.
We also bring our own Tech who controls all the audio/visual during the presentation. A portable clicker and microphone will be available for your use at the podium. We will pre-load your presentation and request its receipt no later than one week in advance.
Send copies to and please remember to bring a back up copy of your presentation with you on a flash drive.
We recommend you upload your power point presentation to the investor relations portion of your website after the event.

Small gifts, such as an embossed pen, company T-shirt or hat, can create a positive emotional connection with your company. If you are a consumer product company, e.g. if you sell sodas or wine, let conference attendees taste them. If a Silver company, a silver coin or an one ounce of silver engraved with your company name would make a great desk paperweight. 

We welcome companies who wish to offer a raffle prize. This can range from the fun bottle of wine or liquor to the exotic mine or property visit.  
Any attendee would love to win shares in your company! etc. Let your creativity and imagination be your guide.   

These are made by us as well as news stories issued by our media partners. We welcome a mention of your conference presentation in your press release prior to our event.  
We recommend that you post your conference presentation on your web site after it is made. We also may link it on our website which receives many visitors [individual investors as well as market professionals] both before and after each conference to see who is presenting. Note: by registering early, you will benefit from longer web presence.


Sponsorship packages are available to those companies who would like to raise their level of exposure and expand their presence as a leading market player.
The costs range from $1000 to $25,000 for Dining, Conference Program and Exhibit Tables.
Conference Options include: Coffee Break ($1,500) Breakfast [$3000], Lunch [$7,500], Wine [$2,500], Cocktails [$10,000 Cosponsor, $20,000 Full Sponsor] or Conference Sponsor/Cosponsor  ($10,000 to $25,000). Luncheon Symposium Options include: Morning Coffee ($1000), Wine Sponsor ($1,200), Symposium Sponsor/Cosponsor ($2500 or $5000).
Sponsorship benefits include one complimentary meeting registration for every $1000 committed, the opportunity to display promotional brochures in the company profile room and signage to acknowledge your firm's sponsorship.  Additionally, sponsors may elect to host company sponsored dinners for analysts and fund managers attending our conference.  Call for details.

We have made arrangements for conference presenters who wish to stay at the Princeton Club New York.  
If interested, please first email or or call Jessica Maidat at 212 596 1266 and mention that you will be guests of member Susan Hahn, and you will be presenting at the ASTROLOGERS FUND conference [give the date]. These often fill up fast, so time is of the essence. You will be required to give your credit card number and will be responsible for all charges. 
Note: If you make a reservation in advance and your plans change but you do not cancel it in time, you will be charged for one night's lodging.
If you need further assistance, please contact
Nikki Spagnoli, Catering Sales Manager at 212 596 1210 or email Nikki at

Literature: These days most attendees refer to your website for information.  However a one page handout is recommended and always a good reminder. 
Some presenters like to offer copies of their presentation slides printed out and they is considered good form.
We suggest 50 handouts for luncheons and 50-75 copies for conferences.

Packages can be sent directly to the Princeton Club to arrive 2-3 days in advance. Mark boxes for:
  Shannon Zafonte, Princeton Club, 15 West 43rd Street, New York, N.Y. 10036.  .

While every normal care is taken, neither we or any venue at which we are presenting is responsible for the receipt and distribution of your materials.
Company information kits will *NOT * be returned after the conference.

Our cosponsors offer a number of services to public and private companies. These range from company financings, executive coaching and communication review of speaker presentations to fee based analyst coverage. The Astrologers Fund itself offers Corporate Astrology and Strategic Planning by the Stars! Please feel free to inquire about details should you have potential interest in any of these services.


Q: How do you choose companies?
A: We invite companies that we believe will outperform their benchmarks over the next 6-12 months.

Q: Do you web cast or record the conference?
A:  No.

Q: Do you have exhibit booths?
A: No, but we do provide exhibit tables where attendees can pick up your conference material.

Q:  How many handouts should I send?
A:  Previously 50-75 information kits was ideal. These days more and more investors look up information online. If you have a one page information sheet- then 75-100 is good.  If a print out of your power point 60-75.  If a traditional kit, 40-50, although over time, those numbers keep shrinking.

Q:  Can my guests attend all day or just my presentation.
A:  Qualified registered guests are most welcome to attend any part of our conference they wish as long as they RSVP.  The Company presenter and one representative may attend all or any part of the day of their presentation.  

Q:  Do you have a video for the conference that we can view?
A:   No. We don't make videos or record our conference as we consider each a select event. This allows more freedom of expression for participants.

Q:  How many attendees do you expect?
A:  Average conference attendance has been 100-125+ when two days and 75-100+ when one day. By restricting participation, this allows for increased interaction among delegates and presenters.
Symposium investor luncheons average 55 to 60 attendees.

Q:  Is it possible to get a list of the attendees?
A:  No that is not our policy as in the past several major fund attendees objected. However, it is very easy to network, and presenting companies often receive extensive coverage afterwards.

Q: How many companies per day usually?
A:  Luncheons 3-4; Conferences 7-10 (2 day 12-16).

Q: We are not interested in doing sponsored dinners or lunches. It is inappropriate and ineffective.
A: As for ineffective, I hate to say this, but you are WRONG!  Unfortunately, it is true that many NYC “lunch crowd” events are worthless.
However, if you are presenting one of the top  quality events such as ours,  there is serious audience and good value. Simply ask several of the companies that have presented recently.

Q: Send me a list of small juniors who have done this in the last year.  Always willing to listen.
A: We list our previous conferences and luncheons above with which companies presented.  I am sure you will recognize many of the names and please call a few you know.  I personally don’t trust  lists that give only selected names to call. Some companies  we have invited and presented for years, the latter beginning when very small, but there are also plenty of small ones listed to call.

Q: We receive (so) many invitations to present.  Why should we present at your event?
A: Because we believe we have one of the best and most effective small (and microcap) venues in New York.  The reason is simple: We choose higher quality companies, organize our events to be enjoyable and we constantly upgrade our list to investors who can and want to BUY small cap stocks.  Too many non-sell side events in New York are of poor quality and are largely populated by our "black" list of non-serious attendees.

Q: We get invitations from investment banks to present at no or lower cost?  We would be happy to present if there were no charge.
A: Investment banks have a different pricing model.  While we could charge attendees, those who actually invest in stocks, do not see the need to PAY for the privilege of being pitched. Consider the difference between advertising and marketing.  Both have value IF done well.  Also remember even is there is "no charge" it costs money and time to attend an event.  The question should be answered by: What payback can be expected.  Given we have many regular presenters, we know the answer as to the value of AFUND events!

Q:  Can you recommend a nice hotel around the Princeton Club?
If you wish to stay at the Princeton Club, we reserve a few rooms for presenters at each conference.
In addition see web sites such as, & for room discounts.
The following are some recommended hotels in New York, all within walking distance of The Princeton Club.
   Reservations should be made as soon as possible by calling the phone number listed below or using a hotel reservation website.

Q: Can we choose the time to present?
A: We organize each track to maximize interest and attendance. However, if you need an earlier or later time slot, we will accommodate whenever possible.

Spinghill Suites and 15 nearby properties

Algonquin Hotel

First Class

59 West 44th Street

New York, NY 10036


Belvedere Hotel

Moderate First Class

319 West 48th Street

New York, NY 10036


Doubletree Guest Suites

First Class

1568 Broadway

New York, NY 10036


Iroquois Hotel


49 West 44th Street

New York, NY 10036


Hotel Casablanca

Limited Service First Class

147 West 43rd Street

New York, NY 10036


Mansfield Hotel

Limited Service First Class

12 West 44th Street

New York, NY 10036


Millennium Broadway

Superior First Class

145 West 44th Street

New York, NY 10036


Royalton Hotel

First Class

44 West 44th Street

New York, NY 10036



Superior First Class

45 West 44th Street

New York, NY 10036


Bryant Park Hotel


40 W 40th St

New York, NY 10018


Courtyard by Marriott


3 E 40th St

New York, NY 10016


Hotel Mela


120 W 44th St.

New York, NY 10036


City Club Hotel


55 W 44th St.

New York, NY 10036


Anything else? Please ASK!
All suggestions to make our conferences better in future will be greatly appreciated.
Finally, if you need any assistance during your trip, please feel free to contact either Susan Hahn (, Irene Grinevich ( or myself, Henry Weingarten

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