Our webcoverage of France is courtesy of our French correspondent J-F. Richard, Editor of BOURSE ANTICIPATIONS. [Fax (33) 1 60 75 31 80]

Foreign investors may invest and trade France in a number of ways, through Country Funds (FRF), WEBS (EWQ) and individual stocks with ADRS such as AXA, FTE or LVMHY.

Frequently, these forecasts apply equally well to the S&P.500 or CAC40.

Exchange Information

Paris Bourse

Abstracted from Bourse Anticipations #49


End of October to mid-November: Correction -10-15% to CAC40 3200/3300.

Longer term: End of November to Mid-January: recovery to 3800/4100?

CAC 40 October 1998 to September 1999 Forecast

CAC40 October 1998 to September 1999

Abstracted from Bourse Anticipations #46


Beginning of August to Mid-September: Possible Violent Drop: 15-20%!!!

Mid-September to End of October: Probable Recovery: +8 to 15%

Abstracted from Bourse Anticipations #45


8/10 July to 15/20 September: "Take your profits, the market will progressively decline"

10/30 September: "Up slightly"

20/28 October: "Play to a bottom"

10 to 20 November: "Buy"

Two basic reasons why the market will go down strongly Mid-June to Mid-September:

Jupiter 45 Uranus: This negative aspect (3 months orb)so with exactness on 24 June and 4 September.

Saturn square Neptune in Aquarius exact 25 June and 1 November.

More reasons:

End of June/Beginning July: Mars Square Jupiter July 2, preceded by 135 Uranus.

Mid to end of August: Mercury stationary and opposite Uranus (6 degree orb). Mars opposition Neptune August 20.

Beginning September: Mars in 135 Jupiter and opposite Uranus. 

Abstracted from Bourse Anticipations #44

!!! DANGER !!!

Long Term: Mid-June to Mid-September: Potential -15-25% 3800/3400 points.

Short Term: Potential +10 to -8% CAC 40 end of June 4200/3900.

May 25 (27 May, 2,3,8,9 June) to June 10: Ultimate acceleration UP

June 10 (10/15/16/17/18) to June 19: Beginning Possibly soamewhat lower

June 22 (24 June to 8 July) to July 9: Strong acceleration DOWN

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