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One of the benefits of a subscription to WALL STREET, NEXT WEEK is receiving email/fax subscriber alerts. These are issued for MAJOR plays discussed in advance and as a reminder that certain targets (Time and/or Price) are reached. They are issued both for global market timing and stocks, long and short. The dating given is for the time of theoretical entry. Herein we track them for demonstrative proof of the value of adding Financial Astrology to a traders/investors toolbox.

These forecasts are for demonstration purposes ONLY to show the value of financial astrology. Remember: Always check with your licensed financial advisor or broker before acting upon the recommendations of the Astrologers Fund. No specific recommendation is being made to buy or sell any security, future or option. Please read the DISCLAIMERon our site.



WSNW ALERTS Recent/Open Trades

Alert No. 31 SELL

July 20 Close or 9350 OB. This Week a good R/R Short as previously discussed.

[08/03] Good R/R to add to shorts but protect profits if necessary and be ready for WSNW Alert #32.

[07/30] The trend is my friend until....tonight with Mercury SR or until Clinton's Sun is Eclipsed?

[07/20] DJIA High 9367; Close 9295

[07/21] DJIA High 9343; Close 9190

[07/22] DIJA Low 9075; Close 9128; Note NEW Moon Tomorrow!!!

[07/23] DIJA Low 8934; Close 8932; Test of 8500 tomorrow or Monday?

[07/24] Market oversold or ready to break down? We bet the latter. Good weekend all.

[07/27] Cover at 8500 or hold? If a short term play - out; if positional, hold overnight.

[07/28] Yesterday low 8856. If profits taken, short on opening; we are going for the Gold.

[07/29] Yesterday low 8816. Play it again Sam.... Today Closed down 19.

Alert No. 30 A, B. C June 23-26

A. SHORT US MARKET FROM 8800-8888, as close to SPU 1130 as possible.

B. 2-1 shorting e.g. short MO and TMX and buying MOT.

C. SHORT INTERNET INDEX or AOL 105 puts (July or September) or MSFT to celebrate their Windows 98 Launch Thursday or Friday.

[07/15] Positions rolled over and damage control planning needed ahead of WSNW Alert 31. Yesterday's poor trading far from stellar - May risk one day short ONLY if Taoistic i.e. easy and natural. Off for conference/vacation till next week.

Will place one short circa 1190 - hear today's TRADING BY THE STARS | Sell 10:05 1189 | DJIA 9300 was an OBVIOUS short; ok first trading profits drawn in at 1185 (4 handles). Off to early lunch. | Expect 1184 OB, shorting 13:01 1188. Sell 4pm+ 1184 Profit: 4+4=8. Enjoy

[07/14] If not down AM, suggest rolling over till August/September. If day shorting from 1179 or ~ DJIA 9130 yesterday's high. Since this is options expiration, we could close at 1175 or stop 1177. If sucessful, second short planned at ~1182. | 9:42 short DJIA/SPU target, from 1180 target 1175.50 | 1182 reached 10:07 we did not add, but obviously a better first short or long cover. | Preparing damage control. However second tight short at Noon at 1185, stop 1187 | 12:50 up to 1188. 12:58 stopped out -3 | 1188 Sell. 13:15. Close (2) MOC at 1186: Losses:3+6-2=7

We plan to reverse our long at SPU 1110 as close to 1130 as possible. Our plan is one short today or Wednesday morning, one Wednesday close or Thursday and one Friday. We expect to see 8500 ahead of 9000.
[06/23] Note: Suggested covering long SPU at 1129 and first short at 1130.75.
[06/24] Clearly "fire at will" this morning for early second entry or MOC (any but MSFT):DJIA High 8933 - Closing 8924 [SPU 1145.75], Market drop 15 handles to SPU 1114.75 - Second SPU short ~1140; MO Down 1/2, TMX Down 11/16, MOT UP 2 5/16, AOL Down 2 3/8, MSFT UP 4 3/16
[06/25] Continuing our being an early bird, we recommend our last short entry, MSFT at 109 [MSQSA 2 1/4 or MSQSB 4] OCO Friday close. Our remaining long hedge MOT can be unwound [sold] at P1 55 or held intermediate term to P2 58-60 OB.
[06/26] MSFT short at 104 3/8. Next week we find out whether we are in the midst of a summer rally or whether phase one is over.
[06/30] While third (fourth) entry would have been at SPU 1155 yesterday, we are comfortable for the move expected. Sold some non-core (not WSNW ABC) positions at a profit e.g. PFE puts, and bought "high" MSQSA at 2 1/2 (1 3/4 low today.)
[07/01] We are off early for July 4th Holidays and recommend holding all WSNW #30 ABC trading positions, until 8500 OC0 Godot's arrival. Adding to short positions is not to be discouraged. BTW: MSQSB under $4 today.
[07/07] Back from vacation, we would day trade short on opening cira SPU 1170. If unprofitable on close, we would also close out one of 3 positions short. Day trade offered 5+ SP points profits; positional shorts to be held.
[07/08] Good news on Motorola - should reach P2 58-60 shortly; Plan on baby day trading short at 1168 OB 10-Noon. Target 1165-62. Full Moon Mayana! | 1170+ short activated ~ 11:20am ! Except for MO pretty much a losing day. Should have bought long rather than losing 3+ handles. Everything else howled (held) for tomorrow's Full Moon.
[07/09] By Friday we will be in a new market- corrective or record breaking? Similar plan as yesterday except two possible day trades (V pattern?). First Sell 10-12am to P1 1171; P2 1165-62. Price: 1177.25 Stop 1181 or Sell: 1179.90 Stop 1183 | 12:16pm 1174.75 short recommended; 2 handle stop for 10 minutes; 1 handle afterwards; 0 1pm. | P2 reached 1164.75 10 handles thank you! All else to be held.
[07/10] Test of 9000 expected. Day Short between opening and 10am - 1168-1170 with 3 handle stop - P1 target 1159-1161. P2 target 1155 | Entry 9:36 1170.00 - Possible profit taking lunch time (Noon-1pm)- P1 target reached 10:45pm (<1161).! 1:35pm PLAY IT AGAIN SAM. Short from 1169+ -- If we were not 3 positions short, we would hold this day trade over the weekend. ! A bad trade!!! 2:50 pm -down 5 ~ handles - Doubled up ~ 1175 short both with 1178 stop i.e. break even day. !! Out 1173 (+10 -4 + 2 = +8)
[07/13] Japanese elections and Russian good news? In a pigs eye! We suggest shorting 9:35-9:40 circa 1175 for the day; If market approaches 1180 day short again!!! No need to have waited, with price over time, so far missed out as want atleast 1174, but still 3 Positional shorts happy! ! 10:48 recommended sell 1175.- would be out even end of day.
[07/14] If not down AM, suggest rolling over till August/September. If day shorting from 1179 or ~ DJIA 9130 yesterday's high. Since this is options expiration, we could close at 1175 or stop 1177. If sucessful, second short planned at ~1182.

Alert No. 29B June 17 SELL US MARKET and TMX; COVER YEN

WSNW 29B 6/17 Friday 6/19 projected close DJIA 8744. We recommend shorting today between 8834 and 8888 or MOC. We also like TMX put options, TMXRJ and TMXSJ. Of course, YEN long from 29A covered today.

Market top was 8892; market closed at 8829 and TMX at 48 5/8. Yen profits between 7.5 to 9.5 points!!!

[06/18] TMX down 1 13/32 to 47 5/16; DJIA down 16 to 1813. :)

[06/19] DJIA hits 8744 target on "cosmic" schedule! FYI: Market closed 8717.

Alert No. 29A June 12 Sell CPQ; but MOT and YEN

We have closed most shorts at 8700, including very profitable TMX options (but the not the stock itself, we are still short, as well as CPQ and recommending still the CPQ SY options. We are recommending: MOT July 50 calls long/CPQ shorts over the weekend, and buying the YEN ( 1 1/2 point stop/3pt target).

Have a great weekend,

6/12 MOT closed up 7/8 MOTGJ was 2 1/8 closed 2 7/16; CPQ (CPQSY 11/4) unchanged).

6/17 1/2 YEN position recommended close at 138 OB. [Institutional rebought at 146 next day]


Traders among you undoubtedly took advantage of the last market drop from 9170 to 8800 and covered at this R3 support. Our new market range is 8700 to 9050. We gave an institutional sell on yesterday close and like the Risk/Reward of a new triple sell today:

Broadmarket today on opening, 10am and market close.

Favorite Stock Short: TMX (June puts) and CPQ (July puts).
If not profitable by Noon tomorrow, we are closing positions, but would re-enter circa DJIA 9050 Friday.

Commodity Traders: Note the Yen just reached our 138.50 target and we are reversing positions as forecast (from selling to buying back to 135)

Note: 10am: DIJA down >15; TMX - 1 1/16; Futures Down > 3 handles ! 4pm DJIA up 33 to 8970; TMX - 9/16; CPQ - 3/4.

[5/29]: 12 Noon market down -11 ; CPQ -5/16; TMX -3/8; Market closed down 70 to 8899, CPQ down 7/16; TMX down 1 1/116.

[6/01]: Compaq closes down another 5/8 and Telemax another 1 3/16.

[6/12]: TMX closed at 43OB; CPQ shorts held. Broad market reached 8700 target.

Alert No. 28 X March 13 MARKET SELL HWP SELL

Short the markets on US opening,,,,

HWP way over priced-- Monday's reporting of profits will change that by end of day, if we are right and most street analysts wrong.

Note: End of day HWP pre-announces earnings shortfall.

March 14 Hewlett-Packard shares fall14% to 70.3125!!!!!

Alert No. 28 C April 20 MARKET SELL DJIA 9170

Market High 9172!

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