If you have a web page or site, and you think your visitors would benefit from knowing about the Astrologers Fund, we'd be delighted if you'd add a link to us. Most people link to our home page, but you should feel free to link to whichever page(s) you want on our site. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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<a href="">The Astrologers Fund</a>


Graphical Links - also available in other standard sizes.

Right-mouse-click on one of the following graphics, and save it to the same directory as the page on which the graphic will be placed.

Investing by The Stars

and add the following text:

<a href=""><img border=0 width=245 height=44 src="INVESTSTARS.gif"></a>

The Astrologers Fund, Inc

and add the following text:

<a href=""><img border=1 width=234 height=60 src="ASTRO9.gif"></a>



Here's a description of the Astrologers Fund web site. Feel free use either all or part of it, or come up with your own description if you prefer.

"Market Timing and Global Stock Selection using financial astrology. Sample forecasts of the Astrologers Fund, articles, resources, FAQ and pointers."


"The Astrologers Fund web site offers a cosmic perspective on global investing. Visit for truly 'out of this world' investing and trading ideas."

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