[10/22] With the Yen falling to 118+ and Nikkei at 14,295, Japanese officals have just rushed trading curbs to short sales similiar to Hong Kong. IF YOU ARE NOT OUT, AVOID and continue to sell holdings we expect 125+ and retest of the market lows.

[10/20] We have been recommending selling YEN from 115 OB and previously lowered our Nikkei SUPPORT level to slightly under 12,500. Ah financial astrology... it can save you billions in foreign exchange losses, can it not? [Mark N225 close 14,216]

[09/09] We are short term negative on Japan ahead of the September semi-annual reporting period. With several NEGATIVE-NET WORTH Banks, we are lowering trading Nikkei support to 13,500 from 14,000; Yen remains an investing buy above 145, a trading buy above 150.

Bargain hunting watch in order of preference:

Lowering the interest rates to .025 or 0% WON"T WORK - What is be done?

1. Massive Public Works ala 1930's WPA.

2. Limited currency controls so multi-national financial institutions don't borrow in Japan and invest elsewhere.

3. Hire a first class financial astrology in the planning ministry.

[06/15] With the Yen at 146 and seemingly attracted to 150, Japan is becoming a potentially very attractive long term buy despite being very dangerous short term and mediocre horoscope indications.

ALL high are on closely watched Japan Inc list are:
Sony:SNE; Amway Japan:AMJ; Japanese Webbs: EWJ; Japan Equity Fund:JEQ and Kubota: KUB.

We continue to avoid the banking sector, obviously.

[06/16] Already the Yen is at 144! Today's New York Times FOR SELLERS TO JAPANESE WORSE AHEAD unknowingly reports on another fall out effect of this year's Saturn-Neptune aspect:
We have long warned our institutional clients to AVOID many high end luxury good retailers such as Gucci who has Japan as its largest market and LVMH.

[06/17]Yen position recommended closed between 137-138 - 7 to 9 profits!!! Key Japanese stocks held.

[06/18] Japanese trading stocks recommended to be sold last night after 6% rally or to be sold today. Next Japanese post the earlier of Nikkei 14,000 OCO 16,000 OCO December 7, 1998.

[02/02]With the Sun conjunct Uranus, and Neptune entering Aquarius this past Wednesday on the Chinese New Year, our private forecast for another "earthquake" for Japan was fulfilled - #1 and #2 Finance ministers resigned. We did also, but just BEFORE the New Year, exiting Japan at 17,014, ALL except SNE and AJL both which have tight stops. We recently suggested to cease Yen buying for the same anticipation.

[12/16] Currently neutral/buy on Japan. That is to say, we are long Yen 128 OB, like selective Japanese mutli-nationals such as SONY (SNE), but will exit Nikkei ~ 18,000.

Always check with your licensed financial planner or broker before acting upon the recommendations of the Astrologers Fund, Inc. This is just the starting point of your research. and you must carefully investigate before you buy/or sell.

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