[1/11]  As this will be our last post for the Netherlands in 1999, I wish to make very clear the following point:
While Holland is my favorite Year 2000 country, I would NOT be putting fresh money there TODAY.  Many Dutch stocks like Ageon have relatively little upside potential.  We will buy them AFTER corrections.  For example, we recommended the purchase of BAAN (BAANF) in our sample 1999 UIT on December 31, 1998 at 10 1/2.  Ten days later, it is up more than 30% at 14 1/6.
Over time, in 1999, we will buying the other 9 Dutch Stocks.  [We have added AHOLD (AHO) to our list of desired purchases.]

Non-AFUND clients who desire a simple way to buy into Holland may wish to check into the Wright EquiFund Netherlands Mutual Fund (WENLX), which in the last month of the runup to the launch of the euro returned a respectable 11.2 percent.

[1/01] In addition to the Big Five, we will also berecommending Aegon (AGN), BAAN (BAANF),  and Heineken (HEI) for accumulation in 1999.  As to the best timing of each purchase,visit our premium Silver channel postings at UPSTARS/DOWN STARS.

Want to get into a Dutch mood?  Open (run) this Flying Cow Screen Saver(483K) and watch a few minutes.

The Netherlands, as we announced at our May 1997 Seminar, is our favoriteYear 2000 country.

(1) Looking to Post ECU Europe, fundamentally we believe the southernEuropean advantage will be replaced a Northern Europe one. Within the northernEuropean countries, the Netherlands historically is best prepared to prosperwithin a borderless European trading zone.

(2)HOROSCOPE CONFIRMATION is found top down, first looking at the DutchStock exchange, then viewing the individual charts of Phillips, Amro Bank,Unilever etc.

The top 5 stocks on the Netherlands AEX General Index are dominatedby Shell. The Dutch talk about the index with and without Shell. I preferwithout SHELL this year.

Unilever: UL - Good "Defensive" stock and a bettervalue than PG - PE 13 vs 32.
ABNAmro: AAN - We now prefer over our old favoriteING Bank.
Philips - A turnaround story and will out performin the tough electronics field.
Reed Elsevier Less positive indications here, waituntil focus shift next year.

Remember however, always to check with your licensed financial planneror broker before acting upon the recommendations of the Astrologers Fund,Inc. This is just the starting point of your research. and you must carefullyinvestigate before you buy/or sell.

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