[12/01] This market is one big RED FLAG.  Astrologically, extremely negative from the first day of the year.  [Mark HSI 10,740]

[10/20] Time to exit Hong Kong -- HSI above 9500 is absurd. EXIT... fast. [Mark HSI 9662] 

[2/18] If you MUST be invested in global stocks, Hong Kong, along with Korea are our two favorite Asian choices in 1998. Still, we believe ALL of ASIA in the intermediate term has peaked as per our 02/11 WSNW alert. 

We gave massive second buys for Hong Kong 10/28 and 10/29 up 1705 (18.82%)hold till 13,000+

With Hong Kong below 12,000 this is a trading buy up to 13,000+ area.

Closing at 10426.30, a 19-month low. Our recommended trading entries were around 11pm ET with market crashing from 10,844 to 10,300!


With the latest minor turmoil in Hong Kong, we are looking to add two obvious HK blue chips to the future AFUND CHINA 8 portfolio 2000. Hutchinson Whampoa, and HSBC Holdings. The former obviously because any billionaire that uses a financial astrologer will most likely outperform and the latter because it is one of the best managed banks in the world, period. Of course too soon to buy, just watch or hold if you don't mind 10-20% price retracement.

SHORT TERM OUTLOOK: Significant short term risk 16th to 29 of September, especially. We could do some trading buys after the October 1st New Moon. 

9/02: It is obvious WHY we STRONGLY recommended avoiding HK until the end of August at the earliest. With Hong Kong closing at 14,135, remember the BLOOD has NOT begun! With the rest of Asia down, the US market ready to correct, bargain hunt at 12,000 and only trading buys at 13,500 or above!!!!! 

While we are bearish on Hong Kong SHORT TERM, there is reason for China Bullishness longer term. Review the horoscope of the HSI Index of 32 Red Chips: June 16, 1997 10 am Hong Kong.

Our preliminary top 3 choices for our Portfolio 2000:

Shanghai Industrial Holdings, Oriental Metals and Founder (Hong Kong).

We don't recommend BUYING this yet, as Hong Kong is on a major sell for us, {15,000 - 15,500/16,000 Stop} however we recommend adding them to your tracking portfolios at this time. 

On June 2, we suggested first shorts of Hang Seng at 14,990 which quickly returned more than 5%. Thereafter, on Friday June 20, the Hang Seng index surged 647.87 points, or 4.5%, to close at 15154.36, extending Thursday's 303-point jump.

Most seasoned observers are saying that HK now feels like 1987 and that the market may well correct sharply soon, after having gone up 1,000 points in just two days. We agree.

Tuesday June 24, we are on "World Short Day" which naturally includes Hong Kong. Our merchanical technical system doubled up or re-entered on Friday close, while our discretionary asrological system will Tuesday +/- 1 day.

HOWEVER, WHILE WE ARE QUITE BEARISH THROUGH AUGUST due to the prominent Mars in the July 1 horoscope, a look at the year 2000 and the new HSI Red Chip Index is Quite BULLISH!!!!! More on this over time. 

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