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Wall Street, Next Week October 6, 1997

1. WOW





1. Given the bonds broke out of 116.05 and Sept. 29 and Oct.1 were both up days, not surprised Oct 3 was an up douzy. Then as usual, my bearish instinct prevailed at bonds 118.10 and again with EK. However save your speculative pennies for Oct 9 and 10 which we forecast can be BIG BIG down days.



BONDS: 118.10 latest line in the sand

WORLDCOM (WCOM) was one of our October buy recommendations. We were more than ready to sell as I believe their president got too big for his breeches with his MCI play. Suggest a 37 stop, if you didn't cash in today shy of 40 with a quick 10% profit.

2. October 6 at 9:15 DIJA futures, and the 9:30 DIJA index are welcome precise charting times for financial astrologers to use with the May 17, 1792 NYSE chart. They confirm bearishness for next summer and prove without a shadow of a doubt that Dow Jones does NOT use financial astrology. Is that one of the reasons their stock has not been up to market performance except in anticipation of its Oct. 6 debut?

3. VEBA the German giant in the fields of electricity, chemicals, oil, trading, transportation services and telecom is listing its ADR on Oct. 8 on the NY Stock Exchange. Its chart comes alive in about 12-18 months just when, surprise surprise, we become enamored with Northern Europe again. Hmmm.

4. "Expect Nothing, Be Prepared for Everything." Nov. 1 and 2 the Second Samurai Trader's Symposium will take place in Chicago. Having attended and enjoyed the first, I recommend checking out their program information - email eddie@samuraitrader.com or call 1-800-522-8055. Note: If you mention "The Astrologer's Fund" you will be eligible to win a lifetime subscription to eddie's newsletter!!!

5. What’s the difference between Cadbury #'s and the Wall Street Alerts info? Who has a better track record?

HW: This is mixing apples and oranges. Cadbury #'s tracks money flows and option premiums which are extremely important short and intermediate term market indicators. Wall Street Alerts on the other hand are demonstrations of both astrological global stock selection and market timing. I recommend reading both. Where they disagree, note the severity of difference. For example, if Chris were to be mildly bullish next week, while I am very bearish on Oct 9 I wouldn't go long. On the other hand if Chris were extremely bullish as per last week, and I am just wearing non-prescription Bear glasses, you could make money on either (or both) the short and long side as on Friday.

Read your site daily, find it interesting and informative. I was curious about gold. No update since last May, and was wondering what you think of the recent action in the metals/ silver and gold indexes. Is the rally sustainable?

HW: I have NOT done much astrological work in Gold recently because I consider it one of the only markets sectors that is undervalued. While some resistance at $340 (XAU 110) where trading profits can be taken, I consider $365 and XAU 125 a reasonable year end target. Therefore depending on the instrument, it is still an intermediate term hold or buy.


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