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1. Interesting June dates are Thursday 5/6 New Moon and re-countdown of FOMC watch, June 12/13 possible top according to Dr. Richter and I am in agreement, although probable date is June 24/25 after options expirations for July down target. Especially Disney!!!

2. Hang Seng 14.757 Friday close or Sell Monday [14,990]. This is a Summer play up to August. 3-1 R/R.

3. Interesting article by Carol Mull on Oil in our new Ezine section of our website. Here you will start to find sample articles from other astrological newsletters, plus their offer of free samples.

4. As part of our website makeover, we will showing some of our model portfolios at our website. This is of course not intended be used as the sole basis any investment decision, but as a starting point for your research.

5. WHY do I always receive 2 copies of this??? >>

HW: Some paid subscribers who receive WSNW in real time, then are on our general mailing list receive it twice. That is NOT your case. Also sometimes, people are listed TWICE either with two different email handles or after visiting our site and we usually can correct that. In your case, I don't know why, sorry.

Assuming the Canadian market is in trouble next year as your forecast, where does that leave your IHI call? Is it another Canadian scam?

HW: Well, with Canada suffering from scams ranging from Bre-X to Delgratia, there is obviously concern over Canadian small caps. However, IHI is NOT a mining stock and the book value of its shares (ex-escrow) is $.60 - $.65. Time will reveal the success or failure of this. I am betting on the former, of course

<< My try at your contest:

1. Market Commentators

2. Economists

3. Fed

4. Brokers

5. SEC regulators


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