Having called a local top in the markets for May 23 (almost reached June 6, our second short time ) our next date of interest is July 8. Many financial astrologers prefer July 3- with Jupiter square the Nodes (and Federal Reserve meeting), and are bearish but I believe the 8th will start the summer markets. Having been comfortably bearish this month on fundamentals, technicals AND astrology, we are very mildly bullish over the Summer. Rather mildly, because I am still bearish on fundamentals, however, we will generally be trading BOTH the long and short sides-- for example apple from 12 would be nice. or IOMG at 10, although just for a SHORT upside move , but will hedge with appropriate short futures i.e. Long selected stocks/short futures.

Our year long mantras BUY IHI/Sell Netscape and BUY AQXA./Sell IOMG will remain. See Part II for more detailed comments We are writing a new book on TRADING BY THE STARS and will be happy to receive your questions on same. Cheers.

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