FAQ: Acronyms

The following list of Acronyms are from recent Wall Street, Next Week and Investing By the Stars emails.

AMC:    After Market Close
BMO:    Before Market Opens
DJIA:     Dow Jones Industrials Industrial Averages
DMA:    Daily Moving Average
EOD:     End of Day
ETF:      Exchange Traded Funds
FOMC:  Federal Open Market Committe
FV:        Fair Value
GMTA:  Great Minds Think Alike
GTC:     Good till Cancel
H1/2      H1 First Half of Year, H2 Second Half of Year.
L/S:        Long/Short ratio
MOC:    Market On Close
MIT:      Market If Touched
NAV:    Net Asset Value
OB:       Or Better
OCO:    Order Cancel Order
P1:         First Price Target
P2:         Second Price Target
P3:         Third Price Target
P/E:        Price/Earnings ratio
R/R:       Risk/Reward
SAR:      Stop and Reverse
SRI:       Socially Responsible Investment
TBA:      To Be Announced 
TIPS:     Treasury Inflation Protected Securities
TMT:     Techology, Media and Telecommunications
UV:        Under Valued
V:          Volatility
YTD:     Year To Date

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