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It is no secret that IHI is my favorite stock. With perhaps some bias*, I believe IHI is one great story stock, one great SRI stock, one great construction stock, one great applied technology stock, one great penny stock, etc. While an aggressive, high risk, high reward investment, I nonetheless strongly believe that this will become one stellar company.  In this posting section, I have put together previous and current IHI postings.

IHI STOCK QUOTE and CHART and  AFUND IHI EPS Projections (12/1/2002)

A 3000 square foot house erected in 24 hours....
High rise construction built a floor a day, e.g. a 15 story building assembled in 15 days.....             
   Lower cost, highest quality, 21st century mass customization....

THIS SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, but it is not.  I strongly recommend readers do their own due diligence and decide for themselves.
Three highlights of a talk I delivered at the 2002 IHI AGM meeting:

* Personally, I have bought IHI shares at their most expensive and least expensive. Throughout I have maintained the strongest faith in this company's future potential. Every time I learn more details, I marvel at the brilliant designing and engineering behind it.
* Today, the twin themes of energy and environment are extremely important.  Whether it be virtually no waste in manufacturing, the absence of structural wood in IHI buildings, or its energy efficient design, no other building company can match IHI in meeting these important SRI investment goals.
* Thomas Edison said: genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Clearly Roger's persistence, combined with his family's engineering and financial  assistance qualify, and will in future be so recognized. While we all would like to see the share price higher, given the large position both Roger Rached and family holds, IHI could not have a more motivated CEO.  

3 Final Critical Milestones Countdown
3. First large orders accepted Fall 2002.
2. Full production begins Summer 2003.
1. Lower IHI production costs proven Summer 2003.

International Hi-Tech Industries has taken far, far longer than my original (and often revised) forecasts.  Still, I am more convinced than ever that my faith will be vindicated shortly.  If so, IHI will no longer be my favorite aggressive speculation, but instead become my favorite aggressive growth small cap. Accordingly, I have personally continued to add to my IHI stock holdings.

I believe any other high technology company in a similar state of pre-production would fully justify a far higher stock price. Whether you use Chinese Astrology, Vedic Astrology or Western Astrology, the results are the same: IHI has the cosmic potential to become a "one decision stock" like Microsoft or Intel.  As I stated at their AGM in 2000, not only is IHI a company that will offer rich financial awards to stockholders and joint venture partners, but it is a SRI company that will do good in the world: Its technology can help save many lives and livelihoods, as well as being ecologically sound and improve the quality of life on earth. For these reasons, almost all my personal friends, clients and close family are long term investors in this company.  Over the next 12 months, the public should see what psychics and seers from around the world have "seen": sharing my vision of International Hi-Tech Industries as world class, paradigm shifting  construction technology powerhouse.

Coming Soon


IHI stock is ready to take off!
IHI could easily appreciate 300%-1000% given current long term favorable astrological aspects. IHITF stock will move up rapidly on positive order and production news, especially if IHI's larger shareholders decide this is finally the right time to add to their positions. We believe IHI shares are now in strong hands, and there are very, very large [unreported] short positions.  When squeezed, perhaps by a move to the senior Toronto Stock Exchange, this could explosively propel the stock especially when combined with solid fundamental company progress.  We then see US$1 becoming the floor. If so, then much higher price targets of C$2-C$3 will be seen sooner, rather than later. For quite some time after the Delta  factory is in commercial production, we foresee no significant stock correction, as we have experienced so many times in the past.

Q & A

READER: Henry:  Do you evaluate the layout of the plant, property available, etc. to be adequate and upgradable for the proposed production rates?  Is the patent protection in the US for the panels rock solid against product duplication?
HW: All my investigations to date leave me comfortable.

READER: I can't work out why people think the USA has to be the place to order before anyone will take notice or Europe. I am not being rude but USA people can be very myopic at times. Having seen Dubai, I would be very happy to have a major contract with Saudi.
HW: I will be very happy when there are major contracts in Canada, USA, France, Luxembourg, Dubai AND Saudi Arabia.

READER: I didn't realize they were making as much progress in Saudi Arabia as they seem to be doing.
HW: Look at their astrolocality chart.  That region was long ago predicted to be key for the long term success of IHI and it is only a matter of time for that to become true.

READER: Re: “It is a buy now. Cheers” you've been saying that daily for over 1 yr.  .... Sounds like pundits on bubble vision aka CNBC. Buy now, buy now....
HW: True, IHITF is my personal “Stock of the Month Club” pick EVERY month.

READER: I don't agree with timing right now for IHITF.... it may be a buy early Jan after yr end tax loss selling If they were not paying you would you be pushing the stock?
HW: YES EVERY ONE OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS OWN THIS STOCK! Whenever I have extra money to invest, I try to add to my IHITF position

READER: Wow – 10mil more shares?  Does anyone know what the current outstanding share count is (from my count, they've issued something like 25mil over the last year – should be close to 100mil now)?
HW: If all options were exercised, there would be close to 95 million shares outstanding. One of the conditions for major investment houses is a large shareholder base.  IHI currently has nearly 4000, but is short of the 100 million shares also desired.  You must look at who the largest shareholders are. They are primarily family and strategic JV partners with a long-term interest in the company. The question is what will it take to make IHI worth more than 100 million capitalization or more than $1 share? The answer is fundamentally first orders and then increasing profits. That is what concerns me and what I continue to monitor.

READER: Great news re IHI today. I hope all the scoffers and those that have criticized you re IHI are eating a piece of humble pie. Of course it will be the whole pie when the best of all news start to come through. Thanks for your dedication in trying to encourage people this company is indeed going to the stars and perhaps for all of us weary long term shareholders that might be sooner and hopefully the share price will go through the 1.00 quickly.
HW: I believe there could be a [short]? Pause. First at .90 CD$, and then $1US.  However, that hopefully will only be a very short pause, so that I will be drinking lots of champagne instead of getting fat eating pie.

READER: What is Roger and IHI's astrological sign? ie...Taurus, Virgo?......
HW: Roger is a Virgo and IHI’s various first trade and incorporation horoscopes can be viewed at IHI Part III.

READER: I am still waiting for your explanation on IHI. I do not see 1 single reason why we should own that stock in 2002.

HW: Reason number 1: The cosmic condition of Roger’s personal horoscope.

HW: Reason #2: The number of “illegal” or undeclared shorts has grown over 1 million in 2002 to currently over 8 million. This represents future purchases that will have to be covered in the market.

HW: Reason #3: The company stock is currently trading below book value.

HW: Reason #4: IHI is SRI (Socially Responsible Investment). While some argue “Global warming is just a theory” etc., buying IHI stock today for pennies is an investment in the future of mankind.  While any single such investment may not pay out, the Risk/Reward is overwhelmingly compelling Today!

HW: Reason #5: As per their April 30, 2002 press release, the company is now ready to accept orders to put joint venture factories anywhere in the world.

HW: Reason #6: Assuming you own this stock already at a much higher price, this is probably the best time to average time your cost of ownership.  If you don’t already own this company, this is most likely the best time to buy it at or near its bottom.

HW: Reason #7: I believe we are less than 30 days of the 2002 stock market bottom. A rising tide will lift all floatable boats, including IHITF.

HW: Reason #8: IHI stock is currently worth more than Enron!  Its burn rate is far less than AOL’s.  Together with our earlier seven reasons this suggests to me you should own this stock in 2002.

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This report is based on the Astrologer’s Fund independent analysis, but also relies on information supplied by sources believed to be reliable. This report may or may not be the opinion of IHI management.
Disclaimer:   IHI has been an AFUND client since 1994 and is currently paying monthly $2,500 consulting fees and $500 for banner ads on our website.  May 15, 2002, an affiliated company, Susan Hahn & Associates became IHI’s media representative with a monthly fee of $1500.In addition to acting as a consultant for IHI, The Astrologers Fund Inc., its director, employees and its clients maintain large positions in this stock.  In addition, International Hi-Tech Industries is a major sponsor of our web site and we may be involved with future financings of this company.  While we usually do not actively   trade IHI stock as it is a long term hold for us, it is of obvious benefit   to us when others buy IHI stock.  Always do your own research and check  with your licensed financial advisor or broker before buying or selling  on the recommendations of the Astrologers Fund, Inc.

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