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Some of our reader's guesses:

My intermediate lunar chart is showing Feb 23 +/- 1 day as a MAJOR turning point. The chart is showing this will be a low. Unless we see an inversion, this IS the date for a 1000 point move.
HW: Any more reader guesses for the first 1000 point DIJA move?

Watch for a big drop in the Dow on February 10th. Also, significant loses between Feb.17-26.
HW: Our dating February 11/12 worked in Asia, but not for the DOW. We are on full Short Alert EVERY DAY for the next 36 days. However "significant loses"? We should make BIG MONEY when markets crash, as we are are hedged with puts buying and call writing as well as shorting stocks and indices. When markets rally, we should make or lose only a little by virtue of owning High Beta stocks and daily dancing the futures markets.

February 24

Eclipse on the 26 of Feb. is my best guess. Did you notice the SP rally from the new moon to the full moon on Tues 2-10?

It will come on March 9 (the morning after Jupiter passes over the eclipse point of 7Pisces55 and then goes on to square Pluto, just as the Eclipse did).

March 13, 1998

MARCH 13, 1998

Just a guess. March 13th, 1998. Don't think it will be 1000, more like 500.
HW: Good guess. If you are right, your prize may be a job offer from us :)

I am sure by now you've heard about renowned psychic Sylvia Browne's recent prediction of a market fallout in March, I think she said in the third week? Do you think this likely? What about March 19th as the first 1000+ point move?

March 24, 1998

March 31st...

April 22, 1998

April 24

It will be August 10th,1998. Hopefully by then I will have figured out how to profit by this opportunity.

It will be Monday, January 3, 2000 as a result of Y2K or the MILLENNIUM BUG.

I had no idea you ment 1000 DOW in a day. Hmm, that's a toughie---if it ever happens. I sure want to own OEX puts! A trade of a lifetime that would be! I don't know if you want a specific date---but as for the month I would say November.

My guess for your "prize" relative to the 1st (-) 1,000 DJIA down CLOSE day is October 2000.

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